Thursday, May 21, 2009

Michele's "Big Texas" Entry

VP's...Yet again our one and only Michele has submitted a marvelous photo for our Texas Contest. I've also added a photo of the "Original Olivia Blue Bonnet" so you know the look that Michele was trying to achieve. You've almost got it nailed Michele...if you keep working on it, I know you'll achieve the essence of this utilitarian look. Here are Michele's comments:

So another photo for the "Big Texas" theme.  See I do take poetic license and change things to suit my needs or in this case photo gallery. We are all familiar with the commercial "Everything's better with Blue Bonnet on it" right? Well, I now have proof.  But like a cheap 3AM infomercial, that's not all. This is a multi purpose outfit that just has so many hidden messages:

#1. It is a Blue Bonnet - ring a bell for any of the Olivia travelers?

#2. I am "completely" covered from the sun.  See above reference to Blue Bonnet.

#3. It has a chin strap because a girl never knows when she will need one :)

#4. It is a big hat - hence my segway to the Texas theme.

#5. I get to channel my inner  "fly girl" - not pilot - rather the insect.  Apparently, I can be a bit of a pest at times - who      knew?

#6. I get to stop picking on Kim and Wendy, if for only one day.

#7. And finally, it keeps Chemo sabe and Dee laughing.  If we can do that at least once a day than life is good.

 Yes...all these are wonderful medicine and we laugh a lot with all these pictures and comments...please, please, please keep em coming. Don't make a grown woman, run ragged by her nursing duties, beg!!! 

Nurse Dee


  1. OMG!!!! Dee and I had to get up at 0530 today for blood work, chest x-ray, and a dye stained CT Scan. The alarm went off and I heard Dee in the living room yell for me to "Come see this." She was already up and was having her Starbucks and posted Ms. Blue Bonnet's picture above. All that I could visualize is driving down the highway and seeing this little old lady barely able to see above the steering wheel with a hunched over little old man just going along for the ride.

    Then I thought, couldn't be. It had to be our Michele because that chin strap only comes out every 5 years!!!!! Dee-dee and I had the biggest laugh this morning.

    From one fruit tart to another I'd have to say Michele that you've still got it!!!

    love, chemo sabe

  2. At last, the secret is revealed! It really is Michele under that blue 'best dressed Olivia traveler' outfit. We were suspicious from day one!

  3. Oh man I forgot others had the infamous photo. Clearly, I chose not to send it but that Nurse Dee does not miss a beat.
    I am making progress with regard to my "fear" of the sun. Note that the face mask has been stripped, the hat is a bit lighter and I have moved to a more comfortable eye protection.
    Now I just have to learn how to move about visually impaired. Uhmmmmm, I may have a photo of some "cool" eyewear thta might serve as a good model.

  4. Chemo sabe,
    If memory serves me well, today is your big testing day. Do well!!!

  5. Yes, I had a dye stained CT and the nurse could not get an I.V started for the life of her. They accuse me of hiding or rolling my veins and it doesn't preclude them from trying over and over and over again. I was ready to punch her today. She tried 4 times on the left side and then went to the right. I had blood drawn a couple hours earlier and they have no problem finding a vein. That is the worst part of all of this. I have had 1 nurse put an I.V in with no problem and I have had at least 7 of them in the 6 weeks.

    I had a chest x-ray as well today. Next week I see the micro surgeon, surgeon, radiation oncologist and audiologist before I start chemo on Thursday. Hopefully my white count will be up so that I can start my last round of the high dose of chemo. I will know more next week about what the next direction will be. The tumors are shrinking. I saw some pictures the Kirt and Jeannie sent us and my neck is definitely not that big. However, I can still feel that the tumor on the left side of my neck is still larger than the others. It was the largest anyway so it will be the slowest to go away.

    I took nurse Dee to the airport today for her second union break. Those nurses are demanding and then want to go home to take care of business there. Dr. Vic is flying in tomorrow to fill in for Dee and she can interpret the doctor lingo for me next week.

    Keep the prayers and laughter going because it is all working!!

    love, chemo sabe