Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Michele Presents the Evidence

Wendy...some very compelling evidence has been presented by Michele but it's your time for rebuttal. That's only fair. So what do you have to say? For the blog's what Michele said: 

Really??  Questioning me - that was actually Karen you heard gasp (and maybe me a bit.  :) This blog is a tough crowd.

I know that I take poetic license with stories and facts, but in this case let's look at the photo sans the sombrero.  
Just for the record - we knew you as the girls from OZ that Brenda met in Barbados.  At the time you wore blue and red caps.  We liked you because they were Yankee caps.  However, over time, I have learned your identity (unless you are now going to switch ).  So hopefully I did get this right otherwise this upcoming weekend is going to be awkward and I'll have to bring the name tags, whine and wine.  
So, for the objective folk on the blog - the facts and nothing but the facts.  This is a photo of Karen in blue - I would know her anywhere. The lovely Kim in the white blouse with the vertical stripes; and oh my is that Wendy with a red blouse and horizontal stripes??????  And for those of you that do not know me, I am the one on the end in the orange blouse - cute right?.  
Now let's examine - is that the same red horizontal striped blouse the model with the aforementioned yellow hat and suspect polka dot purse was modeling???  Don't let the shades fool you - that is Wendy!! Coincidence - I think not.
Shhhh, quiet.  Did you all hear that?  I think I heard an "I'm sorry in Australian".  For the punishment, I prefer beer - thank you very much.  I like light beer so I keep my girlish figure.



  1. hmmm curiouser and curiouser!!!

  2. Michele, Michele, Michele…….I’m impressed! I didn’t know you were so proficient with Photoshop!

    You did a great job copying that person’s clothes (the one in the big yellow hat, with vertical stripes) onto my body. But you and I know…….so, 12 bottles of sauvignon blanc, chilled will be lovely. Ta

    PS; you could have air-brushed me while you were at it, made me a little thinner, a little less grey, a few less wrinkles. But hey, I know you’re busy so what you did was pretty good, given you didn’t have much time.


  3. LOL or as they say in OZ - what a warbler.
    Yea - I win!!!!!!!!

  4. As part of the impartial jury, I say Michele wins and Wendy is voted off the island! Are you going to share your beer Michele?

  5. Thanks Vic for "final" judgement. For you, I share my beer.

    I just think it is hysterical that when we met Kim and Wendy we distinguished them by the color of their hats. We thought we were a bit dense because we could not tell them apart. Now that we know even Wendy has some identity managmeent challenges we do not feel so bad!!!!