Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Official Winner

Well I think I can safely name our official head dress winner. Hopefully you'll all agree with my decision. Now don't get me wrong...all of your creations were nothing but a visual delight to behold. They entertained us immensely, brought tears of laughter to our lives, and made us realize how absolutely insane all of friends are. You are FANTASTIC for being so playful and helping us through these first weeks of our journey to the cure. Your comments just can't be beat. We truly have an amazing support system.

I know, I want to know who the darn winner is...well it's none other than Chemo-sabe herself. Really...who else could it be! Check out the photo...don't you agree?

Here's what happened...well we've been wondering when B's dark locks would be leaving her beautiful head. They said it could happen anywhere between 7 and 21 days. Since Brenda's system is so backward, I was wondering if she might be one of the few folks that go through chemo and DON'T loose their hair...NOT! The chemicals are certainly working and over the last couple days Bren has noticed that more and more strands of her hair have been falling out. Today was the hair coup de grace. After wrapping her arm in lots of saran wrap to keep the PICC line nice and dry, Bren got in the shower. It was then I heard the infamous phrase: "OH NO!!" She yelled out to me that she thought it was time...the drain was backing up and there were little Brenda hairs EVERYWHERE. When Bren got out of the shower and was drying off it looked like she had a thinning hair shirt on. In true Brenda form she intoned: "I look like Sasquatch!" 

We got dressed and immediately walked over to the shopping complex next door for a shave! We wanted this to be a fun experience so we went into a place called TGF Haircutters and looked for someone who would make this fun!!! A woman at the front of the shop asked what we needed and Brenda said that she was a cancer patient and needed her head shaved. In a gracious Texas manner and with a twinkle in her eye, the stylist said, "Oh! We do that all the time." I then chimed in my hope that we could find someone that would help us make that fun and with a big smile she said she'd be glad to help. We knew we came to the right place. VP's, let me introduce you to Jolie...what a hoot she was...and a member of the bowling team! Man! How could we go wrong. 

As you can see, Jolie and Brenda have a great sense of humor and started the process with a greased-up Mohawk. I loved it...all Brenda needed was some false piercing through her eyebrow or nose to look like a true "Biker Chick"...Karen do you still have room in your stable for one of these? Well then Jolie created the "Double Mohawk" shaving a highway right down the middle of B's head. Then we transitioned into "Curl Top" with one long curl on top of that beautiful head.

Jolie obviously had done this before and was a wealth of info on how to keep the Beautifully Bald Brenda's head in tip top ( pun intended) shape. And she's right next door if we need additional bald head or hair info.

Obviously Brenda's not completely hairless on top. She has that dark stubble that makes you want to feel it. I rubbed it and thought I could probably sand some furniture with her head! OUCH! I asked her how it felt and she said it was a little strange, but quite more clogged drains! She's just as beautiful as ever and she has such a great looking bald head. Check out the photos and let me know what you think. "Bald IS Beautiful" and Brenda IS our more ways than one!

Don't ya think she's cute? She also looks so great in ball caps.

Nurse Dee


  1. Brenda, you are the winner, indeed! Hands down! And not just because you're wearing a Yankees cap! In my book, you're the winner of much more than this wonderful head dress contest. You're winner of the "most inspirational, most funny, most amazing woman" contest, as far as I'm concerned.
    Much love to you both!

  2. Wow, what a surprise!!! No doubt darlin' YOU ARE FOR SURE THE WINNER!! I loved the curl in the front, couldn't that have stayed for a bit? I think you are beyond brave. This just shows even more how you are looking right at this and plowing through. Grab this thing by the shaver and look out, here she comes!! BBB, Brenda the Beautifully Bald! (don't forget to sunblock your's friggin' hot in Houston!)

    I think you are spectacularly gorgeous my dear!! I shared with you that when my Mom went through Chemo ten years ago, I shaved my head in solidarity with her. I thought it was a spectacularly liberating experience. You just feel so free. And just think of the savings in Gel, and other personal hair care products.

    Now if someone comes at your head with a Pool cue, just run in the other direction!

    It's rather butch, you cute thing! Now when do you get the oster out?

    Love you both so much, and I truly couldn't be more proud to call you my very close friends. You are beyond strong, courageous and powerful.

    With all my Love,

  3. You look Marvelous! I wish I looked that cute in a ball cap. You're are the big winner! Wouldn't the world be a better place if we could all go through adversity with the dignity and grace that you have. I'm proud to call you my friend. I only have one problem with your photos......Cal has decided she wants a mohawk.....and you know she would do it........

  4. OMG Brenda !!! I cannot believe how much you look like your brother Jeff with your "hair b gone" do! Big difference is that Jeff looked like PeeWee Herman when he had his shaved. I must say, it is much more becoming on you. Dad loved the pic of the back of your head with the 2 mohawks. He said he sure hopes it doesn't grow back like that. :>)Gotta give it to you, girl. You are inccredible!
    Love, Mom

  5. Fantastic! I love the "new recruit" look. I loved it when Julie shaved her head too.... I guess I like the butch look more than I realize. If I wasn't the femme in this house, I'd join you... I can only imagine how freeing that is. Wash and go, I secretly dream of that. I'm so glad you found someone fun. Am I missing something here... what's the bowling team reference? I can't find that in my GLBT handbook. Did I miss a revision?
    Sending you lots of hugs and head rubs.
    miss you both so much

  6. have a great shape head and you pull it off well !! You look awesome!!....Nice to talk to you today. :) Amy's face lit up when she got to talk to you in between games. You know you are always her you 2 really have more than just softball in common. You 2 are chemo queens!!!! Keep the strenght going!! Hugs to you!! Love, Rhonda

  7. P.S. ON TO ALABAMA!!!! They did it!!

  8. With or without hair Chemo-sabe there is still that devlish glint in your eye and that cheeky grin !!

    Its a cool look especially with that white NYC cap that so aptly fits with our red and blue ones !!! Now there'a another photo opportunity !

    Thinking of you both - keep similin :)

  9. Well, aren't you the cutest thing who continues to be our role model of strength and humor. Your gorgeous 'do' puts new meaning to 'the fuzz'.

    Can't wait to see the new tan lines on Karen and hear some fun stories from that pack of 'friends' who keep showing up on Olivia trips.

    Continue smiling as you traverse the speed bumps of life. Our healing hearts overflow with loving energy!

    Bonnie and Jackie

  10. Chemo sabe
    I love the mohawk and think yo should have kept that for as long as chemo let it last. think of all the "gel" possibilities Callie could have had with that puppy.
    You look great and both Karen and I agree - the neck looks leaner - that is such a good thing!! I still have on my cheerleader outfit and am pushing those pom-poms towards your cure.