Saturday, May 23, 2009

The True Blue Bonnet Revealed

Many of our Tahitian Pod Bloggers keep talking about "Blue Bonnet." For those of you who are wondering if we talking about margarine, the answer is NO! Blue Bonnet is a fellow traveler who has very sensitive skin that cannot be exposed to the sun. Now this persons skin might not like the sun, but the traveler really loves the ocean and beach so they have developed a sun-resistant clothing strategy to deal with this situation...Clever! We have wondered WHO this traveler was because all we see is a blue creature walking and wading around. Bonnie and Jackie as well as Jeannie have finally found out the true identity of our mystery traveler when they caught her in Tahiti unmasked. Here's the evidence. Jeannie got this photo of Michele. Here's what she had to say:


Michele has attempted to divert the Pod from the truth about
Blue Bonnet by making a half-hearted parody of herself. Attached is
the true unmasking of BB.


Michele...what say thee. We all KNOW you have SOMETHING to say.

Nurse Dee is home again on union break getting the garbage disposal fixed, taking care of a friends dog ( I LOVE this part!), getting the filters on the RO system changed, getting the air conditioners serviced...SUMMER'S coming to AZ, getting the desert bugs killed, getting a blood test, going to the doctor for my annual physical, cleaning the house, doing laundry...well you get my drift...yea right...a relaxing union break!! All I can say is...HA!!! Doc Vic and Brenda are hooping it up in Houston...that's good for as she would say..."It's all good."


Nurse (on break) Dee


  1. OMG IS you! That had us laughing out loud in the midday sun! Nice photo op, Jeannie! That Michele has been trying to pull a fast one on us all along!
    Say, Dee, you are truly the bionic woman. When life gets back to normal, we'd like to hire you full time in Illinois.
    Chemo-Sabe, we wish that we could speed up your treatment, but know that our healing thoughts continue to flow your way.

  2. Hey VP's doc Vic is here in Houston with our Brenda. Got here today for a week. Brenda looks really good considering all she's been through. We ate Chinese food for dinner and she almost cleaned her plate. I must say, she looks better than Miss Blue Bonnet. Michelle, is that really you? They cut off your hands in the photo....if I could see a Bud Light in your hand I would know for sure.

  3. Well when I saw Michelle's Blue Bonnet submission - I really laughed out loud because I thought I was looking at a picture of Evelyn (my partner) on her daily walk... she is notorious around town with her big dark glasses, wide sun screen hat & long sleeved oversized sun block shirt when she does her walks a couple of times of day. Like two peas in a pod... I will have to try and get a picture of this to post...
    Love & Blessings always

  4. Jeanne - you got me, but you are not innocent.
    I beg of the dear VPs to allow me to explain myself.
    As you may recall back in April my travel friends, Bonnie and Jackie revealed my hidden dancing ability during the Tahiti trip.
    Bonnie and Jackie have traveled with Karen and I for years. During one of those trips Karen mentioned that I had mastered the Tahitian dance. Although this was suppossed to be our secret, Karen could not resist.
    I did demonstrate the Tahitian dance for them and that's where things got a little awkward. I am almost at a loss for words - almost. Bonnie was so impressed with the dance, that she actually purchased the outfit worn by the Gauguins. I had no idea she was purchasing it for me.
    At first I thought that was quite a nice gesture. As time passed I thought it was a bit creepy when she requested another dance, this time wearing the outfit. However, they have always appeared to be well respected and quite reserved, so I agreed. That's when things really changed. Bonnie asked if I would perform the dance one more time. Being the good natured person that I am, I agreed. That is when she requested a lap dance. I tried to comply but the dress was way to sleek and mobility was a bit hampered.
    So where am I going with this story - let me continue. By breakfast the next day, many of the travelers heard of my secret ability. That's when our friends Kirt and Jeanne invited me to their room for happy hour.
    Now you may think I'm a bit dense; sort of along the lines of a bad horror movie where despite the music indicating impending doom, the person always goes down the dark basement. I am not that person. In most cases I am quite astute and always cognizant of my environment. I have attended many a happy hour with Kirt and Jeanne - all relatively uneventful. These gals are friends and I TRUSTED them.
    All of us were at happy hour and were having fun. It was about time to head to dinner when Jeanne reminded us that we were actually celebrating her birthday during this trip. Jeanne wanted me to perform the Tahitian dance for her birthday present. Being the good natured person that I am, I once again gave in and put on the Gauguin outfit. I did my best dance for Jeanne. But this time there was something was very different. The dance outfit was now a bit more forgiving and that's when Jeanne requested a birthday lap dance.
    What's with these gals??
    I had no excuse this time and honored the birthday wish. It was creepy and degrading, I left their room feeling cheap and dirty.
    Karen and I did not go to dinner that night.
    Instead, poor Karen spent all night trying to console me. Reminding me constantly that it was all in fun. I just knew differently.
    I was so embarrassed that the next day I wanted to be alone in my room, but it was 'Motu Day'. This is one of the best days of the trip and I did not want to miss it, however I still felt so unclean.
    I tried to think how I could enjoy the day, without exposing my identity. Karen and I worked with what we had and the result was the Blue Bonnet outfit. There you have it - I am exposed (no pun intended).
    I am now recovering from the trauma and have progressed enough to admit that YES, I AM BLUE BONNET. I am still in recovery as I have yet to forgive my friends for taking a well intentioned dance and making it into some cheap, perverse form of sexual exploitation of a naive, innocent person.
    Recovery is a process and I will prevail.
    Thank you for letting me explain. Talking about this helps so much.

  5. Michele, you poor girl. I had no idea of your previous trauma. You appear so normal on the outside (except for that last photo). I know it will take years of therapy to get you back to normal (maybe decades). Thank God our Brenda is a licensed counselor and is willing to take your case. As for me, I'll just help you drown your sorrows in Bud Light. How many cases will it take?

  6. OMG Missy MIchelle, Innocent???? Really????? I think that I was going to do a DNA test on that pole on the ship. Yes, many a woman made that innocent pole a DNA specimen. Of course I know that it was the 2 pound bag of green M & Ms that Karen tried to seduce you with that made you do it. According to Dr. Vic the M & Ms probably caused you to peak too soon . She's a doctor, she can help you with that. I think that this would make a good CSI episode.

    However; I know that deep down inside you have a shy, inhibited self that worries about how you will be perceived and I am glad that you are working on that part of your personality. I am sure that MacGyver's nurturing nurse side helps you through this. Right Karen? After all you sutured your son's wounds without numbing it up when they were kids!!!

    love, chemo sabe...

  7. LOLOLOL! Michele, you certainly know how to weave a sordid tale. Truth be known, that Tahitian dress originally belonged to Jill Cruse. She usually includes it in her Tahitian travel photos, so how did you get it from her? There's another story here! After the lap dance, it's understandable why you were feeling 'blue', but that smile on your face tells us otherwise. Is there a twist to the ending that you're saving for later? Sending hugs to all, with fond memories of Tahiti on Memorial Day!!

  8. Oh my dear Michele!! I'm quite sure we could find some photos of you from Motu day where you are NOT wearing your (emotional recovery) bonnet. Though clearly blue is your color! (That's colour for the Aussies.) Who knew you were capable of so much lap dance trauma? I figured if you're only a few months into the 5 year restraint period, you'd be able to furbish quite the show, sans impediment!

    Did MacGyver carry this fantastic outfit for you in her backpack? That Karen, she's so on top of things.

    What I'm wondering is where do you keep the Spork? I'm guessing that outfit doesn't have any pockets. I'll let Michele explain the handy dandy spork requirement.

    Brenda, we are all thinking about you constantly and laughing along side you. What an amazing group of women in this blog!

    I think we succeeded in convincing the Aussies to join us in Puerto Vallarta!! That will be quite the "CURE" Celebration!

    Nurse Dee, I hope your --Oh so relaxing-- trip home is a good one. Did you really think that Vic can change that Picc line dressing? I've got news for ya, us Doctors aren't so good at dressing changes. Just ask Cate!

    Hugs to you all, Love,

  9. Well, just to let everyone know, Brenda has been practicing for her next 'Texas Has Talent' show. The fact of the matter is that she's been fiddlin' around and has come up with a fine tune. Once the Blue Bonnet blog closes shop, Brenda has promised to share her musical skills, so be on the lookout. It's quite amazing what that girl has perfected... stay tuned! xoxo, Bonnie and Jackie

  10. Oh Bonnie - thank you on soooo many levels:
    1. Finally the blue bonnet blog will end so I can resume recovery AND
    2. I cannot wait for some fine, Texas style fiddlin' from our girl chemo sabe.

    I just have one question - will this count as a hoe-down? If so what is the going rate for a fiddlin' hoe?

  11. Hoe...Hoe...Hoe! I love that. Yes, it'll be a real hoe-down. Actually, there is some gardening involved for one of the props, so a 'hoe' does come into play. As for the fiddlin' hoe's rate, it depends on her notoriety. Some fiddlin' hoes make more than others and you can be the judge of what her performance is worth. Brenda is still preparing, but if the BB blog is truly over, Brenda's performance will hopefully be Tuesday evening, so be ready to acknowledge her 'Texas Has Talent' contribution and give her the respect that she's due.