Friday, May 15, 2009

Channeling Her Inner Texan at an Early Age

VP's...Brenda's Mom finally confided a little known secret about Brenda...and we have the evidence to prove it! It seems that Brenda has actually been a frustrated Texan since early childhood. As you all know she has a deep devotion to the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Although she is currently playing out her "Tonto" personality, in her youth, she was fixated on working on her "Lone Ranger" personality. She even went so far as to secretly purchased a white cowboy hat to truly channel the essence of the masked man.  

But it took Brenda's Mom a number of years to be able to photograph Brenda with the evidence of her internal desire. And I actually thought that Brenda didn't like cowboy hats! Ha! What do I know...she has one hidden away in the closet somewhere and wears it when I'm not around., I'm sure of it. 

The Lone Ranger thing has obviously been going on for quite a number of years...after all she went into law enforcement and stayed in the profession for over 22 years. It's a little known fact that the Lone Ranger had his early roots in Texas and that's where our Chemo-sabe has secretly wanted to be! Who would have known!!

Thanks Mrs. Van Amburg for sharing this little know fact about this early Brenda alter-personality. HUMMMMMMMM! She certainly is a woman of many talents!!


  1. Hi O Silver Away !!!! (or something like that) Chemo sabe is that really you? You definitely win the head dress contest. However, your mom wins the decorating contest.....NOT!!! Reminds me of my childhood actually, seems we had a similar flowered sofa with a lovely afghan draped over it.


  2. That is cruel and unusual punishment!!! I was a poor college student about 19 yo in this picture and the furniture was $50.00. I was actually living in a double-wide trailer, yes I come from a double-wide with pride!! This trailer park is where I learned how to be a cop. They were at our next door neighbor's house a few times each week. I am thankful that the furniture couldn't tell stories!!!!

    Just remember about those paybacks my village lurkers. :-) hmmmm

    Thanks for the trip down amnesia lane. love chemo sabe

  3. Now Brenda...didn't that even bring a smile to your face? I found that yesterday while going thru some things and couldn't resist.
    Love, Mom

  4. Oh Brenda's momma - you feel free to keep diggin up those little photos. As we have shared some stories and photos of Brenda, I think it is very nice that you share some too. Stories work well also. By now you know you can trust us ;)

    This photo has you screaming like a little girl - "cruel and unusual punishment" and "I'll get you my little VP's", but the poolside shot in Moorea with the seaweed was standard operating procedure- really???
    All that cute little cowgirl hat needs is a chin strap;)

  5. Oh no !!!!! I can't believe that's your sofa!!!! That's even worse than the hat!!! A double wide girl.....who knew?

  6. I can deal with the sofa and I like the afghan. Now let's talk about those glasses. I think they are bigger than the hat!!!!!

  7. Brenda,

    Between the photo of your cowboy hat, the sofa (which, by the way looks just like one of my mother's back in the day), and the double-wide comment, I have tears coming out of my eyes from laughing -- much like whenever we have lunch or BINGO or sit with each other for any length of time. Damn it. Some things will never change.

    Your mother's photo has given me some fodder for the Texas contest. :) My creative energies are beginning to flow.

    Keep eating those tarts. You know, in my experience, being a tart isn't all bad! Hee hee.

    Glad Dee passed the bandage dressing course. Did we have any doubts???

    Love you! Keep laughing. You are in my heart and prayers every day.

  8. okay VPs this picture has been on long enough. Do I have any more "Inner Texans out there that will put this picture of my misery??? Any other photos would be good enough to share at this point. Please....??

  9. Well there was at one time a lovely photo of me in my Davey Crocket hat & outfit with a set of six shooters, at the tender age of 5 or 6... but also I believe someone accidently tore it up and flushed it down the tiolet by mistake... now who could have done such a mean thing???
    So we will all just have to conjure up the image of this since the photo seems to have been lost for posterity!!!