Friday, May 1, 2009

Olivia Bathing Beauty

You might not know, but Michele has taken Karen to Columbus Isle in the Caribbean on another fabulous Olivia vacation to even out her tan lines. As you can see by this picture, she's in desperate need of some sun in a couple strategic locations. Brenda could use some pointers Karen!. Actually Bonnie and Jackie found this photo of Karen in their Olivia Vallarta Palace, Mexico pics. Here's what they had to say:

We've been enjoying the blog and particularly the personal comments. After reading Karen's disclosure "I love the beach, the sun, sand and all the sights and sounds only present at the beach," we remembered a photo taken a few years ago while at Olivia's Vallarta Palace. Although this photo's been around the Internet a few times, I'm wondering if you and Brenda have ever had the pleasure of seeing Karen at her finest? 

All Brenda and I can say is that we have been wondering why Karen always wears one-piece suits.....HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! No wonder Karen buys HUGE bags of green M&M's for Michele. You pimps have to do what you can to keep the stable girls in line.

Michele and Karen...enjoy the sun, sand, pool, ocean, and the friendship that Olivia brings to all of us. Take pictures and have a cold one for us.

Bonnie and Jackie...keep looking through those pictures of yours...there might be more treasures out there just begging to be posted. In our cop world, it's called "evidence."

We love you all...keep those comments coming...we LOVE them.
Nurse Dee & Chemo-sabe


  1. Okay - so we are officially in Fort Lauderdale. We are here until tomorrow morning when we board the Olivia charter to Columus Isle.
    So for those of you that have traveled with Olivia you know this routine. Get to airport, meet friends, take flight, meet friends, board a bus or van to resort, meet friends - have a great time!! I have been preparing so I think I am ready. As for the cold one - one problem, I will have one for every person on this blog!
    Obviously I have my laptop because, well, just because. Hopefully I will be able to send you and Chemo sabe photos and keep you in the loop to a level where maybe, just maybe, you feel a part of this trip as well. That is my plan.
    Now we all know the best laid plans....
    and as you can imagine with someone that presents like Karen does in the various photos on this blog coupled with the abundance of green M&M's, concentrating on the blog might be a bit difficult - but I will give it my best try.
    We will certainly miss you both but will keep you near in our thoughts and hearts.

  2. Now.....when we met all these lovely folk in Barbados we knew of their many many talents (Michele told us !).

    We went to Tahiti and learnt of more of their many and varied talents as well as met the extended family who also had many talents (GA is the best tatoo inspector I have ever met!).

    What we never realised until this blog is the many many varied personalities that Michele and Karen manage in their very very busy lives !!

    Now one just does wonder at the resort activities that Michele and Karen have planned for the coming week in Columus (you mean Columbus right - I'm standing in as your spell checker Michele !!!!) M&Ms, pimps, beavers, beer drinkers, gauguin dancers, blond imposers - the list just goes on and on !

    I just know Dee and Brenda are getting as many laughs out of this as the rest of us are ! This blog has become very addictive - the wit and humour never ceases to amaze us !!

    BTW Chemo sabe, so glad you did the personal hygiene test/clean up before the last Tahiti trip - wow that was lucky for those on the boat !!

  3. OMG-Dee told me that she was going to post this and I missed the whole tan thing that showed Karen's bodacious ta-tas are playing follow the leader to her belly button. That is a riot. Jackie ad Bonnie you are an absolute hoot!!!

    chemo sabe

  4. At least she has boobs that can create tan lines! Some of us are boob challenged!

  5. That pic, with the blonde mullet beer bottle opening hat, no less? Priceless!! That is truly a work of art!! And, Cate picks on me for my excessive use of sunblock. Sadly, I have so many parts that cast a shadow....

    I'm sure that I can safely speak for the whole Village when I say we wish we were with you both in Columbus Isle, and LOVE that you plan to send photos so we can feel like we're there. It's such a beautiful place and you both deserve the time! Have a few for me my MEOS Sista!!

    Brenda, just think of your last photo and the tan free patches from the beaver explosion, a very scary thought!!

    Travel safe friends. Have a wonderful weekend Nurse Dee and Chemo Sabe!


    (the official tattoo equipment inspector; We'll leave the beaver inspection to Vic!)

  6. Michele....scope out my roomies for me k...Any Terri size 10's yet??? Have fun!!