Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nanuck of New Jersey

VP's...Karen and Michele really got into the hat theme and have continued to explore that venue using the very striking pinl NY Yankees all know that story...we got Dr. Hong's team wrong so we jumped ship and how have Boston Red Sox paraphernalia...sorry you Yankees fans. Michele wrote this about poor Karen:

Okay, a little background:
Here is another excerpt from the NYC trip.  It was about 85 degrees in New York city when we took this tour.  It was an absolute gorgeous day and one where we thought the NY Yankees cap would shine.  To that end, we tried to highlight the cap as much as possible.  
I first feel compelled to qualify that when I say trip, it really means we took the PATH across the Hudson River to NYC from NJ.  It is a 15 minute trip.
Now for Kim and Wendy, when these gals first came to the USA, co-workers directed them to the PATH; they just forgot to tell them it was a train, not a walkway.  Who knew Australia (from this point forward known as OZ) was so literal?  So to be clear, PATH is a four letter acronym for Port Authority Trans Hudson - it's a train!!.  Okay class over, I'll get on with the photo description.  Kim and Wendy - you are safe for now.  Karen, put your seat belts on.
Most of you know my partner Karen (AKA McGuyver/ AKA Poor Karen).  I know her as a great sport that tolerates me unconditionally, which is not always an easy thing to do.  I also know her as someone that I can talk into just about anything and this photo is yet another example.
So let's review, 85 degrees in NYC and we (yes - Kim and Wendy were a part of this one) convince Karen that she should take the NY Yankees cap to Antarctica (work with me here).  As imaginations wander, we wondered - how would a girl dress for such a trip.  Poor Karen.  So we went to Paragon Sporting Goods  for an outfit.  This particular parka weighs about 20 pounds (9 kilos in OZ).
Well, as you know my attention waxes and wanes and I am easily distracted.  So we start to dress 'poor Karen' in this get up and my job was to take the photo.  Sounds easy, but the buttons and zippers and all the prep - well I got impatient and wandered.  Unusual I know, but I did.  Soon Kim joined my wandering and then Wendy.  
The three of us looked at outdoor clothing, luggage, jackets, bicycles, camping equipment, etc.  It felt like an hour passed before I asked - "hey did anyone see Karen".  It was at that moment we heard this faint call "guys? guys are you there"?  "Michele? Kim? Wendy? anyone - help", "this coat is so heavy I can't move and I'm melting - guys? - anyone?".  
Oh man, that wandering was hard to explain.  It got worse when I asked if she was still up for posing for a photo; especially when I asked her to smile for the shot (Chemo sabe - she was the clear smile was for you - not me).  As you can see she did a great job, but boy was she perturbed.  Just a note for the law enforcement folks on the blog - she did threaten my life.  Perhaps justified, but a threat none-the-less.  Just in case I should accidentally show up wandering on the PATH under the Hudson River, inappropriately dressed in an Antarctica Parka.  A big clue - look at Karen and the girls from OZ.

Keep em comin Michele...we were in hysterics this that laughter. It's so good for the soul and anything that ails you. look flushed!

Nurse Dee

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  1. Good lord Karen I don't know how you didn't come out of that jacket with a 10 pound weight loss. I can hear you saying "Hey Guys, where'd you go?" Not that you could see anything but what's in front of you and they were playing ditch the Nanuck....hmmmm

    It's good to see you guys in the photo. It makes me laugh and OMG is that PATH story funny. Poor Aussies....Good thing that you didn't walk the PATH or you would have to visit the American courts AGAIN!

    chemo sabe