Sunday, May 31, 2009

Some VP's Visit Taliesin, Wisconsin

Hi from Taliesin,

A loud shout out to all of you converted Mac!! This is a MacBook Air that travels with me and is about to reveal a photo of our fab five who took an auto adventure to Taliesin, Wisconsin to see Frank Lloyd Wright's former home and studio. If you're a reader, a must pick is
Loving Frank, the story of Frank's love affair with Mamah Cheny. This home, Taliesin, was built for them to share, although there's a sad ending. Okay, on behalf of our beloved Brenda, we're showing our strong support while inside the gift shop by selecting our favorite Taliesin tie. It comes with our love and healing karma.

Following our tour of Frank's house, architectural studio and grounds, we headed to a the local shops, leaving our 'finds' to collect following our dinner at Pedro's. After wonderful Mexican selections and several pitchers of margueritas, we returned to Chicos to collected the waiting wares. Is the smile a little wider and the giggle a little

Love from all to all (left to right),
Bonnie, Vicki, Jackie, Linda (kneeling) and Jill 


  1. Karen and Wendy,
    See, these gals switched to MAC and now they have time to tour, shop and enjoy a peachful dinner!!!

    To the touring gals, Nice ties. Am I seeing a formal night on our next trip??? The theme could be Chico gals in ties. Okay now I laughing. Nice photo and story about my fav architect, FLW.

    Chemo sabe - I believe by now you have completed this most recent round of chemo. I know it is draining, but we are sending you some energy and well wishes.
    Love ya

  2. Thanks to all of you for thinking about me and sending me some fun photos. I truly appreciate the posts...the ties, well... You are all amazing women and I am so thankful for the entertainment while I get through this cancer.

    chemo sabe