Monday, May 18, 2009

Windy's Aussie Fashion Statement

Our very creative and hilarious Michele is on a roll. Michele we absolutely LOVE these posts from you...we look forward to them and the big smiles they always put on our faces. We especially LOVE when you translate the language and actions of our dear Aussie friends...God love 'em!!! This is definitely a new Texan fashion statement from our WINDY!!! 

Here's some comments:

The Aussies wanted dearly to participate in the "hat contest".  You all saw their submission - "beach cap with flowers" submitted back in April.  That hat was modeled by the lovely Kim.  
Now we are learning that Wendy is apparently very competitive and wanted her own entry.  Still struggling with the language differences between Australia and the US, Wendy translated Texas to mean country.  I thought about reviewing geography and the differences between states and countries, but after careful consideration, I changed my mind. I choose my battles wisely and thought the geography lesson would be an up hill battle since they hail from a country that is also a continent.   

Anyway, Wendy channeled "Minnie Pearl" (the country piece) to submit this entry in the Texas contest.  Her rationale, the hat is large, as is Texas.  Minnie Pearl was country, which is also associated with Texas. She updated the concept a bit to portray the progressive nature of Australia and left the security tag on versus the price tag.  Clever modification Kim. Sounds prudent so far, but look closely.  Our friend actually thought the vertical stripes on the hat would work with the horizontal stripes on her blouse.  That is just plain silly.  Oh, and what is up with the polka dot purse in her right hand????  I did not even want to ask but perhaps you all are a lot braver than me and will make the appropriate inquiries (enquiries in Australian - goodness - it is hard being bilingual).
More to come.

Windy...we love your submission but really...pooka dots and stripes??

Nurse Dee and Chemo-sabe


  1. Lovely.
    Michele- you missed your call. You should be writing material for the comics on the Olivia trips.

  2. Yes, Michele, your comic view on life brings a smile to all of us! What a gift that you share so effortlessly! We're polishing up our Texas contribution, so it should be arriving soon. Meanwhile, we hope that the Three Faces of Houston (Tonto, Chemo-sabe and Nurse Dee) continue to experience more 'good' moments each and every day! xoxo, Bonnie and Jackie

  3. THIS ISN”T A PHOTO OF ME……….I think there has been some sort of mistake (I just heard Michele gasp). I offer the following as evidence:
    1. I never wear vertical and horizontal stripes at the same time – anyone who knows me knows I would never make such a faux pas
    2. I would not be caught dead in vertical stripes and polka dots or horizontal stripes and polka dots, let alone vertical stripes, horizontal stripes and polka dots at the same time (try saying that out loud….what a mouthful!!)
    3. I never, ever wear yellow. I’m a gold girl with diamonds added for sparkle
    4. I can’t wear big hats…I seem to get lost in them. Caps are more my style!
    5. I don’t wear a hat when I’m out because I suffer badly from the after effects, eg: hat hair!
    6. I would never just try on a hat……what if the last person that did had nits!
    7. I am very shy and would never think of doing such an attention drawing thing like trying on such a silly hat
    8. OK if you didn’t believe the last one…I’m an exhibitionist (and in good company given the entries in the hat competition) and therefore would make sure my fat little cheeks were on display (maybe I should have said face instead of cheeks!)

    So it’s rather obvious that as hard as it is to believe, MICHELE has made a MISTAKE, an ERROR, a BLOOPER, a BLUNDER, a GOOF in saying this is a photo of that lovely Aussie named Wendy with an ‘E’!!!

    I accept apologies in writing Michele or a case of wine just in case I can’t understand your American version of an apology !!

  4. nice try WINDY....but we understand....

    chemo sabe