Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pre Survivor Party

VP's...if you haven't guessed from my posts last week...Brenda and I are HUGE "Survivor" fans. And YES!!!...Coach got kicked out of the jungle this week. We're so happy. Well we have a tradition that we started when my brother was living with us. It's called Pre-Survivor "NUMMY." Now that is different than our "Survivor Finale Celebration," but we both got a sweet attack this afternoon and it ended up with...a NUMMY! 

Girls gotta do what girls gotta do. It's a good sign that our Chemo-sabe is reviving a tad. Check out the photos. 

Hope you're all doing great.

Nurse (Burp) Dee Ha!


  1. You little sun devils :)
    Dee you keep up the good nursing work and who knows, some day you too will have a McGuyver bag on wheels. A girl can only hope, this way we can thin out Karen's a bit.
    Chemo sabe you are looking well. Just curious -where did you put the Bar-B-que sauce on that little fruit tart (I am referencing the dessert)

    Stay well my friend.

  2. Oh Michelle, this tasted like a cross between chemicals, metal, and something resembling sweet fruit. I can no longer eat these as well but dangit I certainly wanted to try it. No BBQ sauce for awhile, I burned that out as well. I think that BBQ sauce on the banana was over the top for me.

    It's odd how some tastes bind with the chemicals and some don't bind and I can eat them. Dee and I are going to try a hamburger today because I can douse it with catchup and mustard. Like Vic said, it is culinary roulette. The hardest part is getting the protein down because that makes me feel better and have more energy. I am still trying protein shakes but all that I can taste is the strong protein powder and it's nasty.

    I see that you clarified the fruit tart because you know where I would have taken that one!

    I am also on a mission. With all of the steroids they are given me my face is getting bigger to mask the size of my neck. So when the tumors are gone then I will have a pumpkin on a thin stem sitting on my shoulders. It's all about the cure!

    love, chemo sabe and tonto and who knows how many personalities will come from this experience! Thanks to all of you who continue to love and support me through this ordeal.

  3. Chemical, metal and fruit - oh my. Sounds like my wayward college days ;)
    I must say, the culinary roulette is such a difficult concept for me as I am already such a fussy eater. Even I cannot imagine what you are dealing with in trying to keep the energy pumping. I also have to hand it to Dee - she eats all the leftovers - gotta love her.
    Hey, don't fret the steroids. Who cares if you have a head the size of Texas, a neck the size of a pencil and a body the size of Rhode Island. Opps, visions of Ms. Potato Head (is there an "e" in potato Mr. Quayle?) :)
    Sorry I got side tracked.
    When this is all over, you will be able to whack a softball out of the park, bend steel with your bare hands, something else about leaping tall buildings, etc, etc, etc. The net of it all is getting through this chemical invasion, eliminate the cancer, and everything else will fall into place. If you head does not return to somewhat of a normal size, well then my dear - I will make fun of you. So perhaps to prevent that, after the TEXAS theme, we can have a neck decorating contest. The possibilities are endless.
    Hey, and the stubble makes me think it is 5 o'clock somewhere. I still have a ton of work to do so for now - ta ta
    Love you guys.

  4. Yes, steroids do make you look like a chipmunk! The good news is, that will go away and you will have a little tiny head on top of that pencil neck.
    You almost looked like you were enjoying the little tart. I personally think it would have made a nice head dress. I will see you in a week and will bring surprises!