Saturday, May 9, 2009

We Also Believe in Angels

VP's...Here's a great story from Vicky about the positive outlook on Brenda's cancer journey. So the question is: "Are you a believer?" Read on...

The psychic says Brenda will be as good as new. This is a long story, so bear with me.  During the Olivia Turks trip I felt a mass in my lower abdomen. I scheduled an ultrasound the next week and found out I had a 14 centimeter (large grapefruit sized) right ovarian mass.  An MRI the same day said it was a solid tumor and there was a smaller one on the left.  A blood test for ovarian cancer (C-125) was elevated. I scheduled an appointment with a gynecologic oncology surgeon and then told my office   staff what was happening. Later that day, one of my nurses, Louise said she had something to tell me that would freak me out. She said that her best friend Carol told her six months earlier that I was going to face a health crisis. She said that it would be serious but that everything would be okay.  She told me that Carol is always right.  The next day she said she told Carol I had this tumor and Carol said, "I don't see cancer." Two weeks later I had surgery and it was benign.  Six weeks later I was back at work.

After we were in Arizona and found out Brenda had cancer I asked Louise if Carol had said anything about my friend Brenda.  She said no but she would ask. This was after the diagnosis but before Brenda went to Houston. She came in to work the next day and said she talked to her. Carol said that Brenda is someone who believes in alternative medicine but that if she did what she was supposed to she would be fine. I never really talked to Louise about Brenda so she had no way of knowing any details about her. The weekend before her surgery Brenda went to a psychology seminar on healing (which included mind body medicine and Native American medicine topics). She also said there was something wrong with Brenda's "swallowing tube" and she also has trouble swallowing sometimes. She doesn't know medical terms and she also had no way of knowing Brenda has been battling with refractory acid reflux for years (with pain and sometimes difficulty swallowing). She also said Brenda has or had a lot of back problems. A few years ago Brenda had a lot of upper back pain that was greatly improved following breast reduction surgery.

A week or so later Louise came to work and said Carol sees Brenda in a wide brimmed hat. I said, "She's wrong on that one, Brenda never wears hats except ball caps!" That very night I was looking through some old photos and found a picture of me and Brenda in a gift shop in Las Vegas. We were goofing around and put on a couple hats and took a photo. I was wearing a cute pink number and Brenda was wearing a black one with a big wide brim. I had completely forgotten that photo.

This past week Louise came in and said Carol wants me to check the back of Brenda's head (I did tell Louise I'd be going to Houston in a couple weeks). Carol said there's something on the back of Brenda's head, she didn't know what it was but the word she used to describe it was a "blemish". This tidbit came on Monday (and Brenda had her head shaved on Saturday). They didn't know that yet.  Dee tells me that after her head was shaved they noticed a funny looking area on the back of Brenda's head that looks kind of wrinkled and the hair grew differently there.

Every time Louise talks to Carol she tells me that Carol continues to insist that Brenda will be fine. Louise says that Carol has what she describes as angels tell her things and that she's never wrong.  Her exact words were, "She will be as good as new." Now, I'm not sure I really believe in psychics, but I know I believe in Angels!  GOOD AS NEW!  Those are three beautiful words.

These are 3 very beautiful words and we're hanging on to each and every one of them. 

Round 2 is over and Brenda is pooped and back to sleeping a lot. Her taste for foods are constantly changing and this is one of the toughest parts of the chemo aftereffects. Tonight we had BBQ chicken with candied yams...yum. She got a little of it down and tomorrow we have leftovers.

So we'd love to hear your reaction to this very interesting story and if you truly believe.

Hope you all are well...keep smiling and run if someone sneezes near you. Ha!

Nurse Dee 


  1. Hello Dee, Brenda and Vic!!
    Wow what a great story. I had heard parts of this amazing story when I was in Houston, but the rest is just nothing short of amazing. I am so blown away and I am a complete believer. I have no doubt at all that there are people who, for whatever reason, are able to be more "connected" to other planes than the rest of us. Maybe eons of good Karma. I don't know. But her predictions Vic, for your own illness, were right on.

    It doesn't get better than, "GOOD AS NEW!!!"

    Brenda, soak up all the rest you need sweetie. No need to push anything. Sleep, movies, more BBQ covered yams (when you can,) and more sleep. It's all good. Dee, maybe you can get an expanded Netflix membership (we can all pitch in) and you could watch all the movies you love and just keep sending them back, and getting new ones. I know you love movies. You can get ass-kickin' biceps at that cool gym too, with all your free time. Hottie! We have to take care of both of our girls!!

    Much love to both of you, you're in our thoughts and our hearts. One day closer to "Good as NEW!"


  2. Vic, that story gave me chills. I'm so glad you shared it.
    "AS GOOD AS NEW" The angels are speaking...
    love that

  3. "Good as New" - nice. Like Vic, I am not sure I believe in psychics; however I am not sure I don't either. I am sure we have all experienced 'interesting' stories such as the one Vic shared. Good as new is a nice set of words that translate into I am a believer.
    We are officially home from wonderful Columbus Isle. Landed late last night and have already unpacked, most of the wash is done and YES - I helped!!!!
    Dee and Brenda - that is one nice island and was exactly how you described it - except for the 17 mile hike to our room each day. Good lord that is one spread out club.
    We had a nice time and missed your guys. Okay so what is the next contest - I am ready to make chemo sabe laugh out loud - again.

  4. Gotta believe in angels! :) I had a lady come into Bath&Body Works and tell me all kind of things that no one could possibly have known about me. . . I do believe some people have the gift. . . She believed in healing. You would like her, Brenda. . . .