Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sentencing the Guilty

Michele just sent me the final sentencing of those guilty Aussies and their accomplice Karen. Check it out:

So Wendy challenged me and failed.  Of course there has to be repercussions.  In this case, off to jail at the Irish Famine Monument in NYC.  Not only did she go down (no pun intended) but she also took down the Yankee cap, Kim and Karen.   

Wendy has already had a run in with NYC law enforcement when she tried to use expired tickets for a transit ride. This is number 2 Wendy. I think the life of crime is NOT your calling!!!  


  1. Well Wendy needs to be reminded that New York has a three strikes and your out law... so she is looking at possibly the rest of her life behind bars wearing her NY Yankees cap with a bunch of Boston Red Soxes fans! HA

  2. P.S. and that means wearing vertical & horizontal stripes forever!!!

  3. LOL that was very good. Wendy?? Did I hear an apology???

  4. OK - Cathie has got me running scared !! Given your brother is with the police force Michele and I know he listens to his big sister I'm thinking it might be wise of me to admit guilt just the way we had to to the magistrate (or whatever you call them here !!) when he incorrectly tried to tell us we were "fare evaders" !!!!!

    I'll buy the lite beer hoping you like the NICE magistrate will also defer sentenancing !!!!!!!

  5. Translation
    Magistrate = Judge
    Expired tickets = fare evading!!
    Admitting guilt = you are guilty!!!
    Your apology = priceless.

  6. Out of fairness to or fare evaders we would say in police work that your tickets had "feathers all over it." That is what we call "chicken shit." Who would think that you can buy an entire book of tickets and then they expire before you can use them all? It's still a funny story especially with Keem saying that she has the same ticket and was cited for an expired ticket as well. Of course peeling Windy off of the ceiling was the biggest issue of all. I would have been pissed as well.

    Aussies, I wouldn't have cited you. NYPD has to find a way to pay for all of their law suits!! :-)

    chemo sabe