Thursday, May 14, 2009

Steel Cowboy

VP's...One of our favorite commentators is back from the beaches of Columbus Isle, and has caught up with her work enough to send us some thoughts on the new Texas Project!! Take it away Michele...

Okay - a little funny...

I'm looking at the pictures of our 'Pittsburgh Cowboys' and thinking, shouldn't that be Pittsburgh Steeler's or perhaps Dallas Cowboys? Something is wrong here.
It is at that moment that my little mind goes right to the Bon Jovi song - "Wanted dead or Alive".
There is a line in the song - "on a steel horse I ride...." Yes, for those of you that know me, my minds' eye went to a vision of Vic and Cal riding a steel horse. Now I do not have any photos of them riding a steel horse, just a vivid, warped mind.

What I do have is a picture of a Steel Cowboy. This photo was taken during a hike Karen and I took with our lovely friend Helene when we were in Prague waiting for the rest of the travel Pod.  
As you can see it was a gorgeous day and after we hiked up and down about fifty hills (Helene is from Norway and "Loves" to hike).  We were walking around the top of a hill and spotted this little COWBOY on a rooftop patio. 
HA - beat that Texas!!

Love it Michele...This picture made us think of having a know it that culinary roulette thing! Bren said she thought she might be able to get one down so tomorrow we'll see what we can do about finding a good burger. YUMMMM!

All is sleepily progressing here in apartment #414. We did have to go over to the clinic this afternoon for my PICC line dressing change test, had to get some scripts, get some meds from the pharmacy, and pick up dressing supplies. So we did a fair amount of walking, but our gal made it...slowly...but she made it. I offered to drive her around using a wheel chair, but she wanted to walk. She's definitely my hero. OH! Doctor'd be proud of me...I passed the test with an A+. Our supervising nurse was fantastic.

Keep smilin...and if you can't do that...go to sleep!

Nurse Dee

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  1. Hi guys, it's me Mcguyver back from Columbus Island. We had a great time, but missed you both. It was strange to be on an Olivia adventure without you guys.
    I had forgotten all about the cow on the roof till I saw Michele's entry. I do remember how awfully tired I was hiking all over Prague with Helene. Even got blisters on my feet that day.
    It was good talking with you the other day and glad to hear things seem to be going as we expect with Brenda's treatment. I am so proud of you Dee for your nursing excellence. It is very important that you have a perfect technique when doing central line dressings so the patient has less of a risk for infection. I know you will do a wonderful job with Chemo sabes Picc dressings. Looking at the photos of Brenda I think her neck looks thinner which is GREAT!!!!!!!
    The ICU nurses and several of the Doc have been asking how Brenda is doing, and want you guys to know everyone is thinking about her and pulling for the CURE with you.
    I am so proud to be able to say that you guys are my friends, your devotion to each other and determination to beat this cancer is super. I just know you are going to beat this monster.
    Will keep in touch, Keep up the good work and good spirits! love ya Karen