Monday, May 11, 2009

The New Contest is Here!

OK VP''s time to stimulate those creative juices of yours and announce our second contest. We just had so much fun and so many great laughs with the first one that we HAD to start another. Michele helped us think of some contest possibilities so I think we'll have a few more opportunities for you all to keep us in laughs.

So without further a-do...let me introduce the mind bending, humor laden contest theme for the month of May. We'll announce a new contest each month while we're stuck here in Houston...we sure hope as many of you as possible will help keep us amused.   

The new theme is:


That's it...just TEXAS! We thought up some things that would define that a little more but we thought that was too restrictive for the amazing creative juices of our village. 

Brenda has also created the "Village Academy Awards" for the performances you all put forth in the "Bald is Beautiful" contest. We'll get those posted in the next few days. She did a great job.

So VP's...go nail this one to the tex-mex, BBQ, long horn steer, twangy talking, hot & humid, flat as a pancake, crazy driver, horrible road wall! We're waiting on the edge of the couch for your responses.

OH! I suppose you also want a medical update on our Chemo-sabe...OK...OK! Here's the "bullet...Nurse Dee style." 

Round 2 of chemo is that we have some experience with how Bren reacts, it isn't such a crap shoot and we know what to expect. As with round 1...Brenda is really pooped. The stuff just wipes her out. She spent yesterday on the couch sleeping. She was really out. I had way too many Starbucks. Is that possible?  (Thank you from the bottom of my caffeine-laden heart for the Starbucks cards...LOVE EM!) I was "Whorl Wind Whanda" and dusted the floor, mopped, did all the laundry, cleaned the toilet, did all the dishes, worked out, and sanitized as many surfaces as I could get at...all the while our gal snored away. 

Then there is always the fun game of "culinary roulette." (Thank you Vicky for that wonderful's PERFECT!) In retrospect, yesterday worked out pretty well and she got some more common place things down...chicken/cheese crisp, and 3 cheese tortellini with Italian sausage and marinara sauce. To Brenda's ever changing taste buds, they just don't taste ANYTHING like she remembered. Now that's sad!

Tonight she goes in for a Neulasta shot...a long acting white blood cell booster...that should work at keeping her counts up. Then on Thursday we have to go in for my PICC line dressing change test. I even woke up around 3:00 am running over the dressing change steps!!! I take my nursing duties VERY seriously!!

Lots of doctors appointments are in the making so the "team" can weigh in what the next steps in "the CURE" should be. She'll have another CT scan around May 22nd so everyone can see how the tumors have reduced and are otherwise responding. They are GOING DOWN IN SIZE!!! Good news, good news.

So that about wraps it up for now. Go get those wonderful creative juices flowing and think TEXAS!!! We'll laugh about this topic...with your help...until May 31st. We are sitting on the edge of the couch waiting for your entries.

Nurse Dee & Chemo-sabe 


  1. I'm already thinking . . . somewhere a photo naked as a kid, with a holster and cowboy hat on! Now, where the heck could it be???

  2. PS - does anyone know how to send photos for your site?

  3. Jill:
    Two comments:
    1. If you cannot find the picture of you naked in Texas as a child, just submit a current photo with the same get up-naked, holster and cowboy hat. NOt to worry, I am sure that will work jsut as well with the VP's ;)
    2. To post a photo we had to create a work-around. Just send to the phot and the caption you want her to post along with the photo to Dee at