Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OMG!!! Brend'as Head Dress Entry - I Found the Beaver!

Michele was hiding behind a palm tree when Brenda came out of the pool and caught our girl in all her glory...Lordy! Michele is a sneaky little devil and please believe me that you all need to guard your secrets from this "Naughty One." Kiiiiiiiim...they're all over the place!!

Michele...always has a's what she said:

Brenda's found the beaver:

Do you remember this photo?  I searched high and obviously low for this entry.  The background is the island of Moorea in French Polynesia (Tahiti).  The year is 2007. The person is our very own Chemo sabe pre personal hygiene class.

Maybe we have a winner here...then again...maybe NOT! Ha!

OK VP'S this beaver theme is slowly going down the drain!! Ha!

Nurse Dee


  1. OMG - Karen is in my office and I am working in the bedroom (that's a problem for a differnt day), but we are both laughing so hard that our neighbors are definetly wondering what on earth is goiong on in this house.
    I will also offer - there is NO photoshopping going on with this photo. This is our Brenda in all her glory!! Now you need to kn ow that this photo was taken at a pool in Moorea. Imagine if you will what the other guests were thinking. Oh and the tan lines on the thighs are funny as well.

  2. Hi, its me Mcguyver aka known as the PIMP of the Garden State
    OOOOOOOOHHHHH my GOD. I can not believe Michele found this photo. I was laughing so loud I think I woke up the whole neighbothood.
    With a body like that I might need to put you in my stable.

  3. OMG!!! WHERE is the OSTER when you need it!!!

  4. OMG I'm trying to eat my breakfast here....gag me! I guess it's only fair since I've made you gag a few times with my medical stories!

  5. Now I know what Nurse Ratchet is doing while I sleep at night!! Thank god for chemo because I can get my own version of an Oster. This is called a seaweed beaver and it's only found in the oceans of Tahiti. Whatever happened to the phrase, "What happens in Tahiti stays in Tahiti?" Michelle, my trusted sidekick (not) wanted to make sure that I got to laugh at myself as well as everyone else. I surrender on this one. I know that all of the people in the pool wanted to get out immediately thinking that the creature of the blue lagoon is real. I have to admit it makes everyone laugh out loud even if they don't know me. They just think that I am European with bush confidence. Not to worry...I have evidence myself Ms. Michelle...Sue Size 9 will forever be jealous of you taking her woman (my sister) from her room. hmmmm

    this is a good one on me....chemo sabe

  6. Thank goodness for the tee shirt... who knows what lies under that?!? Haven't you ever heard of braiding? I think this is definitely a time for a trim or...

  7. By the way, I also have a copy of that picture in my little arsenal. I was following the guidelines what happens in Tahiti stays in Tahiti... Guess it's all fair game now.. Let me review all the Tahiti pics one more time, and see what I can come up.
    Brenda, it was great to read your words, you crack me up. I love the comment about Dee being a union nurse - that just made me laugh loud. Family is wondering what the noise is all about when I am alone in my office.... Uh OH.