Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stand Tall...Stand Proud

OMG...Let me introduce our village to Julie, also know as "pilot girl" on the blog. Believe it or not, this sweet and innocent looking character is actually a commercial pilot for US Airways. She's brilliant, creative, a great pilot, a computer/electronics freak and Apple fanatic like me, and helped me create this wonderful blog.

This is her hysterical creation entitled "Stand Tall...Stand Proud." Some of you will know the story already and are trying to get off the floor after your laughing fit. For others, we'll just let your minds explore the creative possibilities of this head dress coupled with the name.

Here's what she had to say about her creation:
They always say, "don't ever post a photo of yourself on the web that you wouldn't want the world to see".  I hope I never run for office. I'm doing this for you Brenda.  Sorry I couldn't find the Machete. You know the tag line without me saying it.... stand tall, stand proud!

Julie...besides the machete, I think you also need that block of cheese!!! This is fabulous!!! We're still howling. Can't wait for the village comments this photo and title will solicit. HA!!!

Nurse Dee


  1. Okay Julie, I'm game and will try to figure out the "true meaning" of this head dress. Does it have anything to do with the river trip through the grand canyon a few years back?

  2. I know the story but can't tell. Lets just say this girl doesn't need a Phillips true blue friend.

  3. Oh man - I understand the reference now. However, I assume the story that wraps around this reference is worth repeating for the entire group :) Soemone has to be willing to spill the beans.

  4. Actually, beans may have played a role in this......

  5. Wow did I make a poor choice of wording :)
    Perhaps I should have said "someone has to be willing to enlighten the Villages as to the true story behind the hat and assocaited aption". Spill the beans what the heck was I thinking? Clearly not BEAN-O

  6. I am entirely too embarrassed to get into the story with much detail, but I will say, it was about 10 years before the river trip and well before I knew anyone here. If my recollection serves me, beans were not involved... but we suspected a block of cheese played a role... probably served on a pizza. Humiliating event in my life that when I retell it to Brenda and Becky, they roll around on the floor laughing. At times, Brenda has persuaded me to share it with others... but that hasn't been for a few years. glad you enjoyed the attempt! this is great fun.

  7. Ahhh come on you can trust us :)