Saturday, April 25, 2009

This is better than TV

Becky and I woke up the neighbors laughing so hard this morning at these posts. OMG there are no words to describe how much fun this is watching everyone entertain me. Karen, you can pass my love for an 18 wheeler. Roxanna Ward is going to have you on stage the next time she plays her 18 wheeler song. You are the best prop! Michelle, there are no words to describe your zany character. I laugh every time I see your undercover identity. 

Kathy, good for you to go tropical. I just laugh and that's the best medicine this chemo girl could have!!!

Julie, you must tell the "Stand tall stand proud" story because you can only tell it best. I just laugh and laugh and laugh. We all can relate....well maybe not! :-)

I wanted to thank the village for being my best medicine. I love this blog. It helps me to feel connected and not so homesick. 

Thanks to everyone for the cards, well wishes, gift cards, and words of encouragement. I am truly blessed to have such a village on my side. I am starting to recover from round 1 with a few issues but nothing that couldn't be rectified with a pharmacological intervention. This place is absolutely amazing and is on top of everything. I have never reported my bodily functions on a daily basis like I have to today. Go figure. 

My friend Becky didn't have time to get a hat prepared but she is my nurse and believe me what she had to deal with brought our friendship to a whole new level!!!!! Lets just say that there's no dignity in cancer. 

Thanks to everyone for keeping me going. I am in nadir right now and will start to climb out of it tomorrow. Taking the immune system down creates interesting issues and zaps my energy. Nurse Ratchet, I mean Nurse Dee, has given Nurse Becky instructions where I am walking daily, have an outing to get out of the apartment, and makes sure that my temperature is taken 2 times per day. Of course it has to be documented in the log. That nurse Dee is all over it I swear. 

I don't mind if the hat contest gives everyone a winner and if anyone wants to post a hat picture I thoroughly enjoy it. It just makes me laugh. I like pictures as well so feel free to send pics to Dee and she can post them. 

I value each and everyone one of you that are a part of my healing village. I feel truly blessed to have such kind, loving, and hilarious friends. 

Sis, Michelle is working on Terri size 10 as your roommate since Sue Size 9 went back to work as a drill instructor. Michelle, does Terri wear boxers or briefs? We never got that information from Sue Size 9. Sis?

Love to all of you from Houston Texas. You make my life rich and fun!!

Brenda, aka Chemo-Sabe


  1. Chemosabie - it is nice to hear from you as well. Seriously, I think I can speak for the entire blog when I say this is all for you. The friendship you have on, and past this blog is because of you - you make people gravitate toward you with your warm bubbly personality. Okay enough of the mushy stuff.
    For the hat contest, nice try with that everyone is a winner, stuff. We know what you are trying to do. So either you pick a winner or you have to wear each one!!
    Karen, Kiiiim, Windy and I are heading to NYC today. It is going to be sunny and in the 80's so should be a nice day. I will bring my camera and send you some shots of the trip. Who knows maybe after this, they will use z's in words such as organize versus their current mis-spelling of organise. If we are real lucky they may even say 'cough fee' (coffee) like a real Jersey girl.
    Talk to you soon

  2. Greetings, Everyone. I just want to point out that the deadline for the head dress contest is April 28th, giving Amanda and me ample time to send in our own submissions. Yes, you read right, that's submissions...PLURAL! Michele, you have thrown down the proverbial gauntlet, but it has only served to awaken the competitive spirit buried deep in this Northampton couple. Strap in, ain't seen nothin' yet! (I am singing in a concert tonight and have family staying over, so it may wait another day or two, but it's coming, girls!)
    Love to all of you!

  3. I can just picture you waking up the neighbors with your laughter. I am glad you are feeling well enough to write. . . And Michele said it quite eloquently -- this site is in your honor, for you have honored every one of us with the person that you are. . . The laughing til we cry (or pee) moments are just part of being around you. Hurry home and we'll all have to have a BINGO celebration when you are cancer-free. (perhaps ALL could wear a head-dress that night??) And, as for dignity, who needs it?? :) Friends love you in the high spots, the low spots and everywhere else along your journey. . . Hope Dee gets back to Houston soon and safely. And, she can't be Nurse Ratchett -- I met that lady at the AZ State hospital in my new job at Magellan!

  4. Hi Chemosabe, It is so great to read your words. I can picture that infectious laugh along with reading. I am getting a tad bit intimidated by the head dress entries. Imagine that....prima herself getting intimidated... where are my donna's when I need them?? I am trying to take the chin strap idea from Tahiti, remember all that howling we did!! From the 2007 trip. Donna and I were not lucky enough to take this trip.. hindsight...we should have.. anyway, I need a mcGyver to help me turn it the other way around. My donna aint no McGyver... Karen, why do you have to live all the way accross the country? I need the paperclips, crazy glue and the duct tape to turn my invention into a masterpiece. Hopefully, some divine power will help me out here... Worst comes to Worst, I will have to save my focus for the recipe contest. I may have a better shot at that one.

    All kidding aside, Brenda, we love you and are pulling with you, and we are here with you and Dee for the duration and past that. You are both amazing, and we cherish our friendship with both of you. Perhaps when you get back to Phoenix - these Sonoma gals will take a trip to visit you both. Hope to chat soon, and hope you liked our "we are thinking of you" gifts, and they help you pass some time, watch some movies and have some starbucks, too..

    Much love,
    jodie and donna

  5. Donna and Jodie, I was amazed at all of the ways you found to entertain me during chemotherapy. My goodness even Dee was happy about the stuffed dog because she misses her 2 babies. I cracked up because you want me to be clean, busy with all sorts of games and police figures, and all sorts of ways to distract me. What a good idea. I am still pouring through it all. Dee is mucho happy about the Starbucks. She kisses them and covets every card she gets. She's a happy girl!!!

    Rosie, I bet you met nurse Ratchet at the State Hospital. I don't know how you do that job! Yikes!!! Good for you to serve your community at Magellan. Hang in there since Arizona is one of the worse funded mental health programs.

    love, chemo Sabe