Sunday, April 19, 2009

Retail Therapy

You all have heard the saying..."When the going gets tough, the tough...go shopping!" It turned out to be a beautiful sunny Sunday with a breeze and temps in the high 70's. Brenda woke up early but she tends to nap wherever she lands so she had a nice little nap in the recliner before I got up around 8:00. We finally figured out how to work the cable TV and just watched the tube for a while. Well, I was getting cabin fever and Brenda had some energy, so we went and discovered a big shopping mall called the Galleria. We love window shopping and we both needed the exercise badly. It really felt good to walk around. That place is HUGE!!! We actually got lost inside!! 

We did pick up a New York Yankee ball cap for Brenda and she intends to wear it to her next appointment to see Dr. Hong. He's a huge fan. We spent about an hour in the mall and then went over to the Sports Authority to get some extra t-shirts and sweatpants for our girl. Lounge clothes are the best.

Then we went to discover new food items that Brenda could tolerate. We thought back on all the things we've learned thus far and decided that a Classic Italian Sub, hold the onions, with pickles and vinegar dressing at Quizno's might just work. We've also decided that I am the garbage's how that goes. Brenda takes inventory of what she thinks she can eat so we either go there or I make it for her...just one serving. She tries it and if she hates it, then that's what I'm eating. If she can tolerate it, she usually can't eat the whole thing so I eat what's left...we don't share, because we're trying to teach ourselves to be very germ and cross-contamination conscious. Thank heaven I'm not a picky eater! It just puts new meaning into the term "leftovers."

So by the time lunch was over, we got a few things from the grocery store and it was time for B to hit the couch...she was pooped. During our jaunt we also learned that Toni would not be able to come to Houston on Tuesday to spell me...she had picked up a little sore throat. She was heartbroken that she couldn't come. Toni...I know that you wanted to help soooo very much and we sooo appreciate that you just didn't want to take any chances with B's health. We know that this is the last thing you wanted to have happen. 

It does look like one of our dear buddies in Phoenix, Becky, might be able to come. She is trying to get the time off from work. This is just another example of everyones willingness to drop what they're doing and try and help. Man! We are sooooo blessed to have you all in our lives. Becky, Julie and Ryder...thanks for letting us mess up your lives so you can help us. 

So Brenda actually thought of an old food favorite that I make at home that she wanted to try for dinner soooooooooo...back to the store (thank heaven it's in walking distance...I have a feeling I'll be doing this a lot.) I also stopped at Blockbuster and got a movie.  So I made a chicken, grapes, apples and sliced pecan salad. You mix up the ingredients with mayo and then put it over lettuce. Brenda drowned it in balsamic vinegarette...It worked like a charm and I got my own helping!!!

Then I popped in the movie "DOUBT." It's a fantastic movie and what I thought would happen did...Brenda fell asleep during the best parts. We'll probably have to watch movies about 10 times so she can see the entire thing! Ha! Have any of you seen "Doubt?" It's really a thought provoking movie...the question is: "Did he do it?" What an acting range Meryl Streep has. You see her in "Mama Mia" and then see her in "Doubt"...the roles couldn't be more different. She's such a fabulous actress.

So that should bring the blog up to date for our happy band...keep those comments coming...we LOVE them. The pictures that will come in the days ahead should be sensational.

Nurse Dee


  1. Hey Dee if things don't work out with Becky let me know I can probably get some time off to come down and baby sit Brenda... or...

    Lots of Love and Blessings

  2. Hi guys,
    Dee, thanks for the instruction on how to remedy the blog situation. I ended up just signing up for a google account, following your friend's instructions to "stop following" this blog under my Yahoo account and re-registered under Google. I'm praying this works...we'll know in a few minutes!
    Thanks for keeping us abreast on all the culinary wonders of chemo--it sure IS a good thing that you aren't a pick eater...this "let Brenda try it first and then just eat all the rejects" diet would not work for me! No, no, no! I have WAAAAAY too many food issues for that!
    I'm so happy that you both sound so grounded...doesn't mean there won't be moments where you'll find it hard to feel the ground beneath you, but that's what we're all here for. Got your email re: the sermon I heard in church yesterday. I will get you a copy--our minister is so dynamic, so it will lack her verve--but I think you'll love the message. So much spoke to what we've experienced as your friends in these past few weeks.
    Hang in there. Love you both!

  3. Whooo-hoo! It works! I can now comment on your blog!

  4. Such newsy updates Dee - thank you so much for taking the time to keep us all up to speed with the detail. Just wondered what colour yankee cap the naughty one picked out - does it go with red and blue by chance (he he)?

    We met Dee and Brenda (and Michele, Karen and Koko) on a catamaran trip while in Barbados...we had a great week - so good that they talked us into signing up for Tahiti trp some 6 weeks later !! On the day we met in Barbados I had a red NYY cap and Wendy a blue one - when we met up later that night all were confused as to our names as we were only distinguished through the day by the colour of our caps !!!!

    The extended family that we have been lucky enough to meet on both trips have been so warm and welcoming and the amazing thing here for us is the friendship, respect, love and caring. Two lucky Aussies !!

    Thoughts are with you - sounds like there is some fun in figuring out the new diet !!

    thinking of you both - take care
    Wendy and Kim

    BTW, I know you have other offers but just so you know Wendy can get a leave of absence at very short notice (!!) and would be more than happy to come and help out if you need her

  5. Wendy - leave of absence on short notice - you crack me up!!!