Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Latina Found Where the Hair Went!

Actually this makes me go...eeeeeeeu!!! Somehow I think about gagging. It's funny but I never noticed this "chest feature" about Becky. 

Beck...were you wearing a body stocking or something and now have revealed your true self because of the humidity in Houston? 

Lordy!!! Where do you come up with this stuff...OH! You're with Brenda...that really says it all. Glad you had so much fun with this.


  1. Be careful Brenda... I hear that chemo-sabe puts hair on your chest... or is this just a bad "medium" dream!

    You two just are tooooo creative for me and I love those chili glasses!!!

  2. I think that Mike Meyers rubs his hairy chest and says says, "You make me horny." Of course when Becky says that I lose it. She is so darn funny and that hair on her chest is disgusting. We need queer eye for the straight guy staff to come do a waxing!!!

    chemo sabe

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  4. Hi all...
    This weekend Louise and I have been away in Santa Barbara wine tasting with a couple good friends. And yes, we still call them good friends even though we have not been able to talk them into going on an Olivia trip...maybe there is a reason I am no longer with Olivia..I am typing with band-aids on my fingers because we all tried making a hat out of paper clips, wine bottles and duct tape. (MacGuyver PLEASE send advice) Oh not a pretty sight...because after the first bottle of wine we figured out that we should drink the wine first. So, after many failed attempts, we decided to come up with a top 5 list of things to do while in Houston. For those that don't know I am a 3rd generation Houstonian...(if I was born in Tampa...I think I would have be call a Tamponian) For that I am very blessed. So, here are is the list.....

    5. Walk in to the neigborhood bar wanting to sell 2, 50 yardline tickets to the Oilers at the Astrodome at face value.
    4. Wonder around the Ima Hogg house looking and asking about her twin sister Ura.
    3. Head on over to Otto's BBq place and demand a veggie burger and baked beans with NO pork!!!! And if not served, threaten to protest for gay marriage outside. (5502 Memorial Dr
    Houston, TX 77007)
    2. Then head down the street to the 'Beer Can House" and count the number for beer cans it takes to annoy the neighbors.
    1. And lastly, Ding Dong Ditch George Bush Sr. House...Address not on mapquest, but call for directions...The riot gear maybe again needed.

    We are both really glad to hear that thing's are going good. We do have you in our thoughts and hearts...and look forward to hearing how not to get the swine flu in Mexico in October. I am sure Karen and Michele will have extra straws so we do not have to take our masks off to drink our margaritas.
    If you run out of things...please do let us know. I am sure we can tell you when the next cow tipping party is!!!
    Love to you both!
    Dayna and the lovely Louise
    (Michele...if you need a spell checker, Louise is for hire)

  5. Ahhh the lovely Lousie and Dayna,
    Beer can house - interesting!!! Tamponian even more interesting. Top five list - nice idea.
    No doubt Karen will have soemthing to protect the POD from anything that comes along and if not, many of the guardian angles on this blog will be there helping Chemo sabie celebrate clearing this hurdle!! As evidenced by the blog - "there ain't no stoppping us now"
    Yes - I need a spell checker; Lousie what is your fee?