Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where in the World Is Nurse Dee

Hi everyone...with the help and generosity of Becky and "pilot girl" (Julie,) I'm back in Arizona getting things put together and organized for my drive back to Houston on Monday. I got a ton done since I got home at 2:00 PM (AZ time.) It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. The house however, looks like a tornado hit it. The dining room has become my staging area. 

I arrived without a hitch and Becky was even able to follow my MapQuest directions and got to the apartment again, without a hitch. That darn pilot is looking for the keys to the plane but I really hid them well!! We need to keep him grounded.

My moniker as "Garbage Girl" remains! Julie called around 6:00 and invited me over for dinner...LEFTOVERS!!! Now don't get me wrong, Julie and Becky are GREAT cooks and so their leftovers beat my cooking ANY day of the week. And since I had only had a cup of oatmeal, coffee, and 4 chocolate chip cookies (Vic...those are the ones you made when you visited...), I was starving and jumped at the chance. If you haven't guessed, I'm not a picky eater. 

After dinner we "Skyped" Brenda and Becky via our computers. It was great seeing them and talking via our webcams. Ain't technology great? And Apple makes it sooo very easy!! Here's the report on our patient today. After I left around 9:30 Brenda walked over to the shopping center to get some exercise and to get some things at the store. The mornings still remain her best energy periods. She then took a nap waiting for Becky to arrive. When Becky did get there, they wandered over to the Italian restaurant to see if tomato sauce might be more magical food that B could stomach. They said the food was horrible, but they were both sooooo hungry they woofed it down. Apparently they were both reaching a "cucumber moment." That's a story I'll tell you some time...think starving!

So Brenda...I wanted you to have a special message from me and our home. I love you with all my heart. I'll be back soon. You're in great hands and I think you and Becky will enjoy the time together...especially since you actually didn't fall asleep during the evening movie you watched. I'll have to ask Becky what her secret is. 

Sleep tight and have sweet dreams of tumor shrinkage and cure.

Nurse Dee 


  1. Peeker, The secret is that the movie probably wasn't a SCI-FI !! HA HA..Glad your trip went well, bet it's hard to be home with out Bren.

    Becky-what a great friend to step up to the #1 nurse position-"fill in". I'm sure those shoes will be hard to fill. How's the uniform fit? Since you are taller than Dee will have to get you some leggings to go under that nurse dress! HA HA Have fun with her for me..remember..when the cats away!!!!! Thanks again Becky!
    Love you guys! Love you Sis!!!

  2. Hey guys: I've joined your village! Brenda, that didn't sound right, did it? Don't get the idea that I'd ever cross over. (ha ha!) I was amazed that I was able to navigate the site enough to make my own blog (WITHOUT reading the directions I later found). . . but, I didn't do it perfectly, because I posted on the first day's entry. So, I will repeat it for you, as follows, so you can see it on the appropriate day . . . Love to you both, and now here's the original post:

    Brendita and Dee,

    I was stunned to hear the news today. I love that you still find laughter. I think I would have liked that ding dong party. :) (Brenda, you know where I went with that thought!)
    Laughter is the bond, isn't it my friend?? Of course, learner that I am, I will go back and read every piece of this blog to catch me up on the events of the last 3 weeks, and will check it daily to track your progress. This is officially my first blog. My sister and kids can't even get me to create a FaceBook.

    You will be in my prayers each and EVERY day. And, to sister Rhonda, somehow sitting in a room with Brenda, one is often tempted to laugh until peeing. . . Love and prayers

  3. Hi Dee and Brenda,
    Wow it sounds like you both had a busy little day today. Dee good to hear you are home safely and not surprised you are already preparing your trip back to Houston.
    Skyp is great isn't it??
    Brenda - good to hear you are getting a broader range of food choices. Even better to hear you had a bit more energy to get up and about. You go girl!!
    Wishing you a better tomorrow.

  4. Hey! Is this was passes as a dog house in Arizona?? We better not show this picture to my Lily and Charlotte. There'll be a doggie revolution back here in Mass!
    Love you both!

  5. Hey we will be literally passing by your home on Friday morning on our way to Tucson... we can stop by and give you a hug!!! (and maybe some leftovers?)
    Love & Blessings
    Cathie & Evelyn