Friday, April 17, 2009

Tornado's and Dirty Laundry

TOTO...we're not in Kansas any more!!! Yes Virginia, we're in Texas and what does it do in Texas and surrounding states in the spring and summer?...breed severe thunderstorms and tornado's!!! So first let me tell you that we didn't get out of the infusion center until 1:00 AM this morning...UGH!!! The only good thing was that Brenda got a good nap. We poured ourselves into bed around 2:00 AM. Tired can't even begin to explain the feeling I I couldn't turn my brain off...I was doing "To Do" lists for another good hour. Oh for heaven's sake! That's why God made Ambien!!! I finally gave up and took one!

We slept until about 8:00 AM and were so hungry (remember that we had no time to get food in the apartment...) that we just put our dirty clothes on...we ran out of clean underware yesterday!!...and went to find food! HA! Maybe that's too much info. But we were hungry and I wanted to take advantage of Brenda having an appetite so off to Le Peep we went. Amanda...we really missed you sitting across the table from us.

After that we went to SuperTarget and proceeded to fill up 2 carts with apartment gear and food. Who knew that when we flew here that our stay would be extended 4 months! Brenda was starting to tire so she crashed on the couch while I put all the stuff away and started the laundry. Thank heaven the apartment includes a full size washer and dryer. It was going to feel so good to take a shower and put clean clothes on.

You know it's been overcast for a couple of days and they were predicting rain for today and tomorrow. It didn't look particularly nasty out and so I thought it would just drizzle or spit a bit. Brenda was watching a little TV and I was doing lists of stuff to do when we saw a severe weather alert flash across the TV saying that severe thunderstorms, damaging hail, and excess wind and shears were in the area and moving in our direction...interesting!!!

It was at that point that we heard thunder and all the power went out!!! And it stayed out! Remember that the whites were in the washer and we only had about 3 hours to recover and get to the infusion department. The hours ticked clean underware!! Dang!! Was the airplane about to take off again??? Please say NO!

Our luck was holding, the power came back on and gave us enough time to take a shower and get the underware into the dryer and ALMOST dry before we had to head out. The laundry- weather gods were on our side and the apartment was still intact although it was starting to rain as we walked out the door.

There were severe thunderstorms all around us and my the time we got to the hospital and parked in the garage, it was absolutely pouring cats and dogs. I thought I was smart and brought an umbrella with us, but I took one that would hardly cover a postage much for being smart! Ha! It was pretty comical watching us try to huddle under that thing. Needless to say looked a bit drenched when we got to the second floor. Remember we're the girls from the DESERT where it doesn't rain for months on end!

Holy Hanna Batman...chemo patients and their caregivers were backed up out the intake door...that was NOT a good sign. We learned that they we not minutes, but HOURS behind. There really could be a better system for all this. Well, as my brother-in-law always says..."It is what it is!" So Bren and I decided to make the best of it and we had some snacks, sat in the hall a while, and then when things began to move...we worked on the crossword puzzle in the waiting room. We actually made quite a bit on progress on the thing! So we were supposed to get in at 4:30 and didn't  actually start the chemo until 7:30. HUMMMMMM! That means with a 5 hour run, we ought to get out about 12:30 AM. I got a little smarter tonight and brought some movies!!! Brenda is napping so I think I can safely watch the sci-fi flick, "The Day the Earth Stood Still"on my laptop. (Jordan...this thing is absolutely priceless. Thanks for selling it to me.) Brenda hates these kinds of movies...I LOVE them.

So dear we sit on Chemo Day 2. Actually Brenda has done amazingly well with her first dose of chemo. No nasty side effects except just being tired, but that could certainly be all the stress she's been under for the last 3 weeks...OH! and the Ativan she took to take the edge off all this! I'm soooooooo proud of her as I know you all are. She is so very heroic with this battle. Her optimism and willingness to work through all this with the tools she has and with the new ones she's learning is inspirational.

It's movie time...where's the popcorn?

Nurse DD


  1. Dee and "Oakie" -
    Yes, Brenda, no longer will you be known as just Brenda or Sophia, Kim has discovered another well deserving nickname, the meaning of which you'll learn in the coming week!! Don't you love surprises??!!

    Dee, my movie buddy, you write the best blogs -we can actually see and feel through your words everything that is going on in Houston. You are both an inspiration to us all and we know that you'll touch the lives of many strangers in Houston during your stay.

    We ordered industrial strength, Vatican blessed and approved, kneepads for all the extra prayers that are being sent your way:) Know that we love you both and are so thankful that Brenda is in good spirits....a real trooper!!

    Take good care of yourselves and be well...

    Love Always, Kim and Lynn

  2. Hey Ladies, you are our heros! Hang in there, hopefully not literally if a tornado comes through. If you need any tornado survival tips give me a yell...I spent half my childhood in a bathtub with a mattress over me. My sister is a nurse and very familiar with MD Anderson and its reputation; I think you met her once or twice Brenda, she said to tell you her thoughts and prayers are with you as well. Luv ya, miss ya. Dee, you'd better call us if you need ANY assistance packing, loading, taking care of anything while you're gone, I'll make sure Pat does it :-) Kim and Pat

  3. Hi Girls!
    It's so interesting that you should have weather today, because I was just tossing around in bed last night and was thinking about some of the storms we had in TX when I lived there. I lived in Dallas for five years before I moved to AZ and I remember several times saying prayers of thanks that I lived in Dallas rather than Houston just because of the rain! We got some doozy storms, but nothing like you will probably see in Houston during your "visit". As Toni would say, "hang on to your tits, girls!" :-) ... and get a bigger umbrella! (I'd send you one, but we don't have them in AZ) lol
    Brenda it was sooooo good to talk with you today. I LOVE you so much! Your outlook and perspective on this whole journey is amazing and awe-inspiring! ...not that I expected anything different from you, because you, my friend, are MY hero. Dee Dee -- ditto that last paragraph to you too.
    How I got so lucky to know you both, I'm not sure, but all I know is that I am thankful every day of my life for you. Mostly I am so glad that Ryder has his auntie Dee and auntie B to learn from and love just as much as his mommies do.
    Hang tough and know we are with you in mind and spirit.
    hugs and kisses all around
    Becky, JP and Ryder

  4. Hey sista....hope day 2 went well, just another day closer to the end. Glad you are in good hands now. You are always on our minds and we talk about you by the minute! Hugs to you again today!! oxoxo, hey the club is growning....da da da dant!!

    Peeker...glad you had clean whitey tighties for my know the old never know when or where you'll be if an accident were to occur...never have stains or holes in your underware right!!! Tell Bren to be like my grandma and put a fresh pair in a baggie and in her purse...oh ya no purses...LOL

    Michelle, you still kill me...your on with the head dress competition...just like our costumes in Turks...hilarious! But she already has a chin strap from Turks, for stability of course as you said, but hey can't have too many right??? HA

    Miss all your Turks girls..glad my sis has all of you on her side. It's your friendship and laughter that will get her through all of this. Just like Amanda said "TGFO"..

    Love you all!
    Rhonda- aka WW

  5. Hey Girls,
    Macgvyer is going shopping should I be picking up some extra tightie whiteys to ship out to you guys? Hope all goes well again today and your weather improves. It's beautiful in N.J. today actually warm. Will check in again later. Love ya Karen


    As you all know Brenda's immune system will be affected by her chemo. She isn't allowed to be around fresh flowers or eat fresh fruits and vegetables (too much bacteria). Their home away from home is adequate but it's not home sweet home. Lets do all we can from a distance to make things as comfortable as possible. They're going to be mad at me for this, but as my partner Callie teaches us to say, "I deserve it!" There's a Starbucks, a Target and a Barnes and Noble right next to the apartment complex. I thought sending small denomination gift cards might be nice. There will be long days with nothing to do and cabin fever is no fun. Brenda won't be allowed to be around people when her blood counts get low. It might be nice if they could pick something up from Target (clean underwear perhaps) or a book or movie from Barnes and Noble and remember the person that sent them good thoughts. I'm the master shopper deal maker (Brenda is still my apprentice). I'm going to start with an purchase on their behalf. As you all know Dee is a movie fanatic so I'm sending a movie that is being released this week (so I know she doesn't already have it....she has hundreds in her collection). Amazon sells everything and gift certificates can be e-mailed to recipients.

    I offered Brenda my cowboy hat but she refused (Dee, Callie and I bought cowboy hats on a trip to Colorado and Brenda was the only one who didn't). It seems she prefers dew rags. I'm searching for a Steelers dew rag to send.

    For anyone that doesn't know, Dee's birthday is this Friday, Apr. 24th.
    Dee and Brenda, we love you and although this is the most difficult time in both of your lives, we want you both to know that the village is with you all the way.



    PS Why Peeker?