Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beaver #3

OK...I'm back from Nando's. Had a great time watching Lynn and Julie get tipsy on Margaritas, had a delicious chimi, and then finished up with a big piece of Costco chocolate cake that Lynn and Kim brought into the restaurant....absolutely divine and super yummy. Thanks Bren for suggesting this decadent finale to dinner. We had to roll ourselves out of the place.The evening would have been perfect if you and Becky could have joined us. 

Thanks Julie, Lynn and Kim for such a wonderful evening. Photos at 11.

So back to the task at is Beaver Entry #3 entitled "Sir Beave-a-Lot." Where do you folks come up with this stuff? Ha! This is Cate again modeling her entry...and they added:

For our third Entry:

We decided to go with a Medieval Themed Head dress.  Notice the smaller, (more portable,) Beaver, which of course can be applied in any location and during whatever activities which lead to Lighting up your wife!  Joust anyone? 

Stand by for their final creation:


  1. okay so you both piqued my curiousity - why do you have all these 'dress up' helmets hanging around the house. Oh and please do not stoop so low as to blame Grace or Olivia - they are only children!!

  2. Don't hide from your beaver. You display her so well on your face. She's a cute furry little thing...

    chemo sabe

  3. chemo sabe
    there is a sickness in you that nothing will cure and NO I do not mean the cancer!!

  4. Wait for my sister to come back on because we are peas in a pod. You are absolutely right about me...and I love it!!!! That's why I didn't want the docs to dissect my head and neck. They said that I would "dumb down a bit like a few IQ points and have a change in my personality." I wouldn't be able to torment you all and that's not a good thing. With this group WIT is a survival tool...:-)

    chemo sabe