Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Did You Say Beagle?

Hi VP's...Nurse Dee is back in the Houston hood. Man! Thank heaven it was an uneventful drive. I listened to a book on tape called "Crusader's Cross," thanks to my buddy Jordan. NO! It wasn't about the Crusades, but about a Louisiana detective investigating the disappearance of a woman in Galveston, TX...I drove 758 miles yesterday...that was a LONG day.

Anyway...the blog queen is back and I have a bunch of very creative posts to catch up on today. So without further ado... let me get started.

Our beloved ICU Nurse, also lovingly known as "Doctor Karen," has submitted some wonderful additions to the contest.'ll really appreciate this first one. For those of you who didn't know, Koko rescues beagles here in go girl...what do you think of this one from Karen? I think she might need a good home. Don't you? I hear that she has been placed in eternal servitude by her partner (Michele) in exchange for Olivia trips to the Amazon and Africa in 2010.

Karen and I are experiencing that wonderful part of the aging process called "hearing loss!!!" So when the "Beaver" theme really took off on the blog...she thought they said "Beagle." Karen we still love you even though you can't hear! I'm there with ya girlfriend!! Ha!

Nurse Dee


  1. OMG you mean it wasn't "Beagle" between hearing loss and dyslexia... whats a girl to do! and how can I keep anything "straight"???

  2. That just makes me want to rub your belly!

  3. I think this beagle needs rescue...

  4. I thought that it was a pouch to hide your toys and spare batteries. I thought that it was a clever idea so when the grandkids and and nieces/nephews stay over they won't find the hardware.

    So the question is what is really under that beagle??? chemo sabe

  5. Oh Chemo sabe - Although not always obvious, I do have the ability to keep a sceret - especially when it direclty imnpacts me or karen (well mostly me. So I will avoid answering your 'what's under the Beagle' question for now. Who know perhaps later I might fee up