Sunday, April 26, 2009

Illegal Latina Alien

There absolutely are NO WORDS to adequately describe Becky's submission. I'm just sitting here shaking my head. Cathie and Evelyn were over here at the house and I was SKYPING Brenda and Becky when they sent me the photos. We were laughing and screaming until our faces hurt and our sides ached. OMG!!! They had sooooo much fun putting this Latino submission together. Check this out.

Here's what Becky had to say:

Over the past few weeks Julie has been harassing me to shave my head to be more supportive. “Brenda’s your best friend!” she’d say…   And all that time I was selfish and hesitated because I thought I needed the height my hair gave me….  But then I decided if there is anyone I’d do it for, it would be her!  So, here I am “Bald for Brenda”!  ….Turns out I had very little hair and it was really my head that gave me the height (who knew)!!   In addition, shaving my head brought out my inner-foo-foo-Latina!  Ole!   ….as Brenda says, “There is no dignity in cancer…”  and now, after doing this entry, I agree!  Lol

Seriously, this blog is amazing!  I have laughed more reading this thing than I have in a loooong time.   If you ask me, I think there needs to be a Brenda’s Healing Village reunion in Mesa, AZ instead of these crazy-ass (but really cool) trips you all take together!  There would be plenty of beds and I’ll have the Garcia-rita’s going if you’ll make a plan.   Just thought I’d put it out there. 
JHugs to you all! 

This really puts Chiquita (SP?) banana to shame. I laugh every time I look at these. You hot Latina cone head you!!

Nurse Dee


  1. Now that if funny! Becky, I'm so proud you went "Bald for Brenda"... what a demonstration of solidarity! I especially loved the way you "bedazzled" your head... the glitter, the chili peppers, the glasses... I even loved the butch/femme contrast in these two shots. Kindly leave that furry thing in Houston. I swear I pulled something like that out of our dryer last week... don't ever want to see that again. It's scarier than those f*cking rats the girls left in our house last summer. Can't wait to see your ginormous bald head on Wed. I've missed you dearly. xo

  2. While skying Brenda & Becky with Dee and trying to explain how to send these pix we almost lost patience until they started to arrive one by one and then we almost fell on the floor peeing because each one was funnier then the next... I surrender you win...
    Love & Blessings