Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Bar's Open we really are having soooo much fun with this contest. Let me now introduce Jackie, Helene's partner. Jackie is some super dooper brain-iack who helps develop heart drugs. AMAZING! She and Helene are also heavy duty scuba divers and have searched the seas all over the world. They told us great stories of all the wonders they saw while diving in Tahiti...most included lots of SHARKS!! 

I'll never forget Jackie, with this huge coconut was an alcoholic drink in a big coconut that the bartenders made for folks when we were on the motu (island) in Bora Bora. The coconut was almost as big as Jackie. 

This submission really makes me think of her big smile and laughter as she chased the floating bar for another drink. If memory serves me, I think Jackie even stole the floating bar at one point. Isn't that right Jackie?!!

Here's what she had to say:

It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

Yes it is!

Nurse Dee 


  1. Is that really a little hula skirt that the bottle is wearing in the background? Scares me just a little to think the bottles have clothes...was that a rare find of the deep? Welcome to the village...hope to meet you at village council

  2. Jackie, this is totally how I remember you in Tahiti. Easy going, relaxed, and a drink the size of the one in your left hand. We know that there is a straw there somewhere! Thank you so much for calling. I was pretty punky then and was sleeping a lot when you were here. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you calling me when you were in town. It was good to hear your voice and I appreciated the effort to call me when you were in town. That says a lot about you O.P. (Original Pod) woman. Today is the best day that I have had since I arrived in Texas. You all are great medicine for me and I value this village and its healing powers!!!

    chemo sabe

  3. Jackie - it is always 5 oclock somewhere but none as good looking as where you are!!!!