Monday, April 20, 2009

Settling In

Today's activities just can't hold a candle to Michele's "Head Dress - Part One" creation. This is getting really good.

 I actually think we're beginning to establish a little bit of a routine here in Houston. Here's what it looks like:

* We got up and I checked the blog for comments...I'm addicted to the darn thing and watch for comments about a thousand times a day. This laptop will have to be surgically removed from my lap when this is over!!)
*We explored what Brenda will want to eat for breakfast...this morning it was an egg salad sandwich with pickle relish.
*Then it's shower time...Amanda tell Grace that the Dee & Brenda house HAS to have a big shower because we take one EVERY day!!
*Then we organize our outing. The first stop is ALWAYS STARBUCKS!!! Ha! Plus today we found Costco...a really nice Costco...then we stopped by the Vitamin Shoppe for protein powder and over to Super Target for a can opener so I didn't have to use my teeth again to open a can. The can opener they have here was impossible...crap! Macgyver...I know you could have opened the chicken can with a paperclip and some dental floss...Ha! Where are you when we need you!?
*By this time Brenda was fading fast so we headed back to the apartment and tried more food ideas. I just wait to see if I'm cleaning up what she can't eat or if I can find something else. Today...more egg salad.
*Brenda headed for the couch and I did some more e-mails, organizing seems like I'm always organizing something...
*Today I wanted to start using the really nice fitness room they have so I went and did a half hour of cardio and a half hour of weights. Then I took a nice cool-down walk around the little lakes they have in the middle of the complex. It was great to have a good workout. It was really grounding so I can see this will be a daily ritual.
*Then I came back and puttered with laundry...I always seem to be doing laundry. We bought some new sheets, towels and socks at Costco so I wanted to get those washed.
*Then dinner...since the chicken salad worked so well last night...that's what Brenda had tonight. She also wanted a grilled cheese sandwich so I made one of those. Do you know what happens to a grilled cheese when you use a regular stainless steel no-stick stuff here...You're right...the dang thing sticks like hell!!! The creation I ended up with bore absolutely NO resemblance to what a grilled cheese is supposed to look like. Can you say "heap of bread and cheese?" It was hysterical...Brenda couldn't eat it because it was warm...she can't do warm things right the garbage woman ate it!! Looked terrible - tasted good!
*Tonight we watched "The Tale of Despereaux." It's an animated film about a brave little mouse who saved the princess from the rats. I love these animinated the Pixar and Dreamworks ones. The animation is so fabulous and they really are made for adults as well as the kids. I guess I'm still a kid at heart. Brenda're right...she went to sleep again! I'm going to stop asking her what movie she wants to see!!! Ha!

So now it's time for bed...Brenda's already sawing logs dreaming of mexican food at Nando's with our village buddies.

Sleep tight and dream of our girls cure.

Nurse Dee


  1. Hi guys. I love this blog and, like you, amanda and I are completely addicted to it, reading it several times a day. Re: Grace--I let her know what your dogs names were and their coloring and she created your family on her Sims game. She decided--since you can only have one last name--that the Brenda & Dee family should be named the VanAmburgs--found that name much more interesting than Taylor...sorry Dee! She did, however, create a different family (The Lovely family)and named their dog Taylor! Anyway, when you set up a Sims family, you need to pick you their casual outfits and their FORMAL outfits. I pulled up a picture of the two of you from Tahiti so she knew what color hair and eyes to assign each of you. She declared that Brenda was the butch and Dee was the femme but was a sporty femme, so you both got appropriate casual outfits of jeans and tee shirts. However, I'm sorry to tell you that you are both assigned lovely evening gowns for formal wear! The darn Sims folks don't allow suits for female character. Grace, who has declared that she is a lesbian since she was 7 years old, was appalled by their limitations! Don't worry, she won't make you dress formally very often at all. It was kinda funny to see Brenda's look-alike in a sequined dress, though!
    Love you both!

  2. Can the Simms software produce photos? I am up for a good shot of Dee and Brenda in formal attire- especially a sequined evening gown.