Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bald WHAT?

I'm still trying to get up off the floor and my sides are aching from laughter. I've just received Amanda (also know to us as in "Guardian Angel!!), and her partner, Cate's entries. They have found an appropriate theme and have submitted multiple head dresses on that theme for your viewing pleasure. These are classic and I'll do a post with their comments for each marvelous submission.

Here's the first. modeled by the lovely Cate, which they have titled: "The Not So Bald Beaver Bonnet.: Oh Lordy! And they add...

Hello Village!

After our very exciting discussions with Brenda and Dee about the probability of our Chemo-Sabe soon to be having a "Bald Beaver," we decided this would be a fruitful theme for our submissions for this fantastic Head Dress Contest!!

For our first Head Dress:  

We have named this one the "Not So Bald Beaver-Bonnet"   So, look out Blue Bonnet, this is the NEW fashion statement for those of you wanting to be sure your beaver doesn't get sunburned!! Brenda, of course, you can strap this puppy on wherever you want!!  We are fond of options.

More to follow as soon as I can find a kleenex to wipe away my tears of laughter...stand by...



  1. All I can say is OMG - as Donna picks me up off the floor. Who needs Facebook? Who needs to be tagged in pictures from high school? I am saving these for a rainy day. xoxoxo

  2. There is nothing innocent about this entry reagrdless of the lovely bow tied chin strap.