Monday, April 20, 2009

Michele's Creation in Progress!

Hi VP's...I'd like to introduce the famous...or is it infamous...Michele modeling her "in-progress" head dress creation. Here's exactly what she had to say:

"Never being one to keep a short story short, we will do our hat entry in stages - a new photo every day for the next 5 days.  Here is the first photo.  I have to run now and explain to Karen why I have long blond hairs in my office :)

Michele...I think I can speak for the village when I say that we can't wait to see tomorrow's picture...and the others that will follow.

Brenda said..."Humor is exactly what I need...this makes me laugh!" Blonde wigs, curlers and fins so far...I think the judging will be very challenging. We'll have to stop laughing and get up off the floor first.

We anxiously await tomorrow Michele...this is getting good.

Nurse Dee


  1. Michele, "Sue size 9" would be drooling about blond cutie!! Can only imagine tomorrows pic :) Maybe I need to lend you my wiener shirts?????


  2. Now I am on the floor laughing.
    You guys are one special family!!! Brenda I think your sister Rhonda is just a little bit crazier than you. Hold the weiners, I am still a taco kind of gal. Although, as you can imagine from the photo, nothing much happening here tonight. Maybe I need to get new pajamas - hummm, or perhaps a transition to a red head. I'll have to work on that.
    Before I forget - Dee and Brenda I got you a lottery ticket. I think the Mega Millions jackpot is at $130 million. Of course, winning would be great, but even if you don't win spend some time between now and the drawing imagining what you would use the money for if you did win. When we do that it makes the dollar investment worth it. The drawing is tomorrow night so you should know if you will have a whole slew of new best friends on Wednesday. Your numbers are:
    06 10 15 29 46 Mega Ball 21. Of course if you do win, allow me to introduce myself as one of your new best friends :)
    Have a good night!!

  3. ok Lottery Hopefuls... The first two numbers are my birthday - that ought to account as some sort of relative... I love the blonde hair Michele, and especially the curlers. Guess I better get crackin on my invention. Hope you guys had a good day and Brenda you are feeling OK. Dee, in case you are looking for a new career, author, writer extraordinaire should be smiling at you - You write so well, and keep us all waiting anxiously, yet patiently for the next adventures from Houston.... Talk to you tomorrow, special package being sent your way in the morning. Love and miss you both, jodie

  4. Michele, I can't wait to see the next series of photos of your creation. We can come over and paint your toenails do your makeup....remember Sonora Bay? I have a photo of you, me, Brenda and Dee in make-up (Callie style). I'm sure the rest of the bloggers would pay big bucks for that. Brenda, we will all do our best to keep you laughing. Laughter has healing powers!

  5. Wow...I am sooooo out of my league on this one. I'm in my office and I opened this website and promptly fell off my chair with laughter. I'm just speechless. Michele, you hot babe! Do blondes REALLY have more fun??
    And Rhonda's comment...oh god, my sides are aching.

  6. Hi Cate,
    Blondes have a ball - I might just keep my hair that color. Let's see how I feel perhaps it will stay blonde for the NYC visit

    Cal and Vic,
    Sonora Bay - such fond memories; also the reason why I am such a light sleeper. Who knows what you will look like when you wake up from an innocent nap at the pool!!
    I do recall the gelled hair, makeup and pedicare. I even remember the day we each switched one shoe- do you recall that as well?? How about the game of spin the bottle? That brings an immediate smile to my face and all of a sudden Karen wants to head to Pittsburg for a Callie kiss - wonder why?. As my niece would say oh la la

    Chemosabie and Dee - Hope today finds you both doing well and getting out and about whilst settling into your new digs. As others have said, your blog is addicting. I just wish it had spell check. I review my posts at least four times and still find spelling errors. Is that being a bit anal? That would be so unlike me ;)
    Well let me get some work done and prepare my hat for this evenings photo submission.
    Ta Ta