Friday, April 17, 2009

How to Post a Comment on the Blog

Hi Village...Michele gave me a great suggestion to post instructions on how to make comments to the blog under a specific heading so no one will have an excuse NOT to write. We LOVE...LOVE...LOVE the comments and it keeps us connected so please keep em coming. Bless Karen's heart...she already wrote out the post instructions so there they are. Thanks Macgvyer!

#1. Click on the "sign in" link under the photos on the main blog pageIf you already have a         google, AIM or Yahoo email account click on the link, if not you will need to create on and there is a link for that under the three main links
#2. Enter in your current email account for example
#3. Enter in a password for this blog
#4. Validate password
#5. validate the security word that appears EXACTLY as it is displayed. They are typically case sensitive
#6. Accept the terms of conditions
#7. Enter

Now you have a profile and can post comments. 

#8. Than under the comment box there is a drop down menu for your profile
#9. Select Google Account
#10. Press Post Comment.


  1. This old lady figured out how to do this, thanks to Michele's great instructions. We are so glad to be able to follow your progress, Brenda, and thanks to Dee for this blog. We continue to pray for you both and it sounds as though you are in exactly the right place for your care. Hang in there, B. We love you and know your inner strength will help you through this ordeal. Jim & Brian both send their love to you, too.
    Joan & Andy

  2. Well, my friends.....I couldn't be happier knowing that you are safe and sound under the guidance of a truly amazing team of really caring, talented, and knowledgeable people. I was so absolutely blown away by the docs at MD Anderson. I left, knowing without a doubt, that Brenda...You will COMPLETELY come through this A-OK, with your beautiful face intact!! You are sooooo at the right place, now. You are in good hands.

    I couldn't be more proud to call you my friends. Your tremendous strength and your ability to ride this amazing rabid sky diving adventure are an absolute testimonial to your amazing inner fortitude and to the infinite love that exists between you. You are truly some of the most beautiful people that I have come to know in my life. You will forever be my sisters and my friends.

    Hang in there Brenda, through this whole thing. You will put this chapter behind you soon and we will be bobbing in the pool in Puerto Vallarta to celebrate with the fantastic "Pod!!"

    How amazing that we have all come together in this way. May we (the pod) always be the family we choose, unlike the unpredictable family we're born into, no? TGFO....Thank God For Olivia!!

    Michele, I'm sure you'll pry the "dirty" stories out of me in PV, but until MEOS (MIMO's)'ll just have to sit on the edge of your seat wondering. Let's just say I wasn't the only one with interesting stories to share this past week over a few margaritas at a fantastic Tex Mex restaurant. (Thank you KoKo!!)

    It is so wonderful that you can keep us all updated on how things are going day by day, with this Fantastic Blog -- DD. You are as much in all our thoughts. We know it is your amazing strength, your conviction, your commitment and your love that will help Brenda come through this so well. You inspire me. Whenever you think you aren't holding it together, remember when I told you that you do a better job than almost anyone I've ever seen in this type of situation. You are a pillar. AND, you are dearly loved.

    Brenda, you sounded absolutely amazing today. Completely calm, and more rested then I have heard you feel than since we were on the beaches at the Motu in Tahiti. Be good and gentle with yourself. As things slow down, you'll need to just sit and absorb all of this. Including the love you're getting. Which you SO tremendously deserve.

    All my love to both of you. And as I've said before, call for anything, for any reason, at any time. You're my sisters now.

    Love, GA-MD.

  3. Chemosabie and Dee,
    Nice to chat today - you both sound tired, but nothing a nice afternoon nap would not help.
    Joan and Andy, Karen and I are glad the instructions helped. The site is a bit hard to navigate in the beginning. Hopefully others will find these beneficial and share thoughts and well wishes. Now if I could only find a spell checker.
    Amanda - okay, let's make a deal. First and foremost you know you can trust me to keep a secret - right? RIGHT?? So perhaps you just share one story. That should hold me over until Mexico. In the meantime I will ply Koko with Margaritas in Columbus Isle and try to get more from her. That would be a turn, Koko typically serves the "POD" as our hunter and gatherer might just become the hunted!! hummmmmm.
    Okay, back to our favorite patient - Chemosabie.
    I believe you are actually having chemo infused as we type here. When we talked today, we did discuss some of the side effects, one of which is hair loss or more positively phrased - scapl protrusion (yes another piece of medical terminology). I know you are looking for a surgical cap to provide some UV protection, and..... You know I would like to decorate the cap a bit. After all it is all about the accessories. My thought is to attach some blonde hair to the outside of the cap.
    I also know that you and Dee would like some more comments to help make Houston and this journey more comfortable. Than it hit me - perhaps we can combine the two. Let's have a head decorating contest. And with some blog site magic, maybe we can even get some pictures.
    Now of course, I would not want to start this without your approval, but here are my thoughts, as wacky as they may be:
    Each contestant has to start with some form of head attire
    The creativity comes in decorating the headress. The fun is if the decoration are as far removed from what Brenda would ever think of having on her head. Rhonda - I'm guessing you will go with a hot dog or sausage theme - just a guess. Expect Jill's entry to have a "chin strap" for stability of course ;) ;) Kiiiiiim and Windy - something with an Australian touch perhaps a pouch. Karen - everyone knows by now you will weave your entry with dental floss and use paper clips as hair pins. In your case the look of the final product will hold the true beauty.
    I am not sure that we can post photos to the blog, but we can use our profile photo as our contest entry snapshot (do people still call digital images snapshots?).
    Dee and Brenda will ultimately choose the winner and maybe Brenda you will wear the winning entry for a photo :)
    Now to my fellow Villagers - the fun will be in the volume of entries. If I am the only one competing, I win by default and our girl will have to wear my entry. It won't be pretty since I am thinking a "Mullet and Bangs" theme. Rhonda, Vic, Cal, Cate - I think I hear your creative wheels turning.
    How about we set a deadline for entries say next Saturday April 24th. Does this sound like a plan?
    Perhaps the contest will help pass some time and for both Dee and and Brenda and more importantly keep a smile on Sister Brendita's face.

  4. Hey Guys its me Macgvyer.
    Just checking in to see whats up today. Sounds like things are starting to roll along on a more even keel which is WONDERFUL!!!
    Miss Michele has some wild ideas happening for a hat contast. I think I will have to put on my thinking cap to come up with a good creation.
    I have a real good feeling for how this is all going to work out. Brenda is a tough cookie and with a terrific nurse like DD she is going to conquer this nasty disease. Lots of my co-workers at the hospital and even the doctors are asking me how my friend is doing and they are all sending there good wishes and prayers your way. One of the nurses Amie is even doing long range Rhaki to help B get thru this ordeal.
    The power of people, especially our Olivia family is the most amazing thing. It brings tears to my eyes to think how connected we all are, how we care for our sisters, and go above and beyond. Thank you Amanda, for being the GA of two of the finest women I am priviliged to know. We truly are all sisters.
    Miss you guys lots keep up the blog

  5. Hi gals-
    I am saddened but so joyful that you are in the right place, doing all that you can do and that you are certainly doing your very best to be as positive as you can be during this challenging time. You are both an inspiration. I have and will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Was fun to see "Sal's" name mentioned. What an amazing time that was! Of course, thanks to you Dee for doing that incredible organization that made it all possible. love to you both- Ali