Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beaver Hunter with Her Dogs

VP's...Let me introduce Brenda's fabulous sister, Rhonda. They really are 2 peas in a pod. Rhonda actually joined us on our Olivia trip to the Club Med in the Turks and Caicos Islands last October. Now that's one brave woman. This is where the hot dog, taco theme was born. We were there over Halloween and Rhonda dressed up as a hot dog and Brenda dressed up as a taco...OMG!! We were laughing till our sides split. Rhonda had her whole family helping with this submission...

Here's what she had to say about her creation: (Sis crack me up with this. I LOVE the dogs!!!)

Is Beaver in season??
"Beaver" it's whats for dinner!  (but not for me ), I turn all my game over to my trusty side kick Paul-aka the Fur Trader. (new job from Paul the Pelican, economy these days)  We are known to track down the following:

big beavers
well lit beavers
small portable beavers
eager beavers and the infamous "Sir Beave-a-lot"

We are afraid of the Beaver inspector.....heard she is tough on inspections! Because she has seen them all, we have to make sure all our furs pass her approval and are Grade A.  We always go for the best pelts!  We do let the bald ones go though, no big $ return on those!   So remember Sis.....a beaver a day keeps the doctor away!!! You too can become an avid hunter and can borrow my new camo hunting hat anytime, comes complete with a nice leather chin strap too   :)   Oh..the dogs are mine, you'll have to get your own if needed.

P.S.  Becky did you steal one of my pelts??

Love you sis!  Keep the humor going and you'll do just fine,  it's the best medicine ever!



  1. Rhonda - I knew we had to worry about what you were thinking. Am I the only one that thinks it is interesting that you are 'Beaver Hunting' using 'Indian Wind Pipes' as your beaver caller? Although that is creative, it is also telling what TYPE of Beaver you are hunting. We all know women love those soothing sounds of wind pipes. It just doesn't seem consistent with your "What's for dinner (not for me)" comment. Perhaps you are really trying to tell us something?? Feel free to share - as you know you can trust us ;) Tell us anything although the more personal the better.
    Another thing, that is one big gun!!!!! Big gun; Sue Size 9; I'm getting the sense you are implying size matters?
    Chemo sabie - you hail from one very scary family. I thought mine was bonkers, but yours .... Let's just say "Special"
    Still laughing since I know under that incredibly serious look on Rhonda's face that she is exactly .5 seconds from losing it and laughing uncontrollably. Let it rip

  2. Just in case you missed the reference, I choose to not look at the 'dogs' as anything other than Indian wind pipes!! I am not a hot dog fan as you learned in Turks.

  3. Told you sister is just as sick as I am and I am not talking cancer either!! The fruit certainly doesn't fall far from the tree!! She has been calling me and we are laughing so hard that the neighbors have to think that we are making a comedy show in here or like Keeem's neighbors they think that we snuck into the pharmacy. :-)

    I am so proud of my sister. She is the most amazing person, sister, and friend. I got lucky on that one that's for sure. Then to corrupt her son and daughter into this...OMG. Her husband has always been twisted....get the genetic link?

    Her dogs are certainly going hunting with her. All I can say is "Get those things away from me!"

    love chemo sabe....

  4. Oh Rhonda sweety.... you are too... tooo funny & I just love that incredibly serious look on your face (not)
    Lots of Love & Blessings
    Cathie & Evelyn

  5. Rhonda I was getting worried about you... It's been kind of quiet from your corner of the country. I was worried you ran off with the Dutch girl from the bar in Turks. To answer your question, beaver is always in season (but you won't attract any with those dogs around your neck.) Feel free to send me your pelts for inspection. I can't stop laughing at your photo. You are the Elmer Fudd of the village!

  6. Oh Michele, Michele, Michele... those wind pipes you refer hot dog lovers call those skin flutes. LOL and of course I go for the "BIG GUNS".....imagine how many batteries it takes!! HA Yes it was hard to keep a straight face we were rolling with laughter. Tell Karen I still love her trucker idea :)

    It was tough to come up with an idea. How was I to top all you village gals? You guys are hilarious! I read the blog faithfully and keep up on it but have been busy with a ton of softball games. We leave again for Oregon so had to come up with an idea really quick. Glad you all got a good laugh. You just never know what the next photo will bring. I sit her late at night crying from laughter. Loved the beaver inspector :)

    Sista.. I'm the one who is proud of you! You are the BEST GENETIC LINK I HAVE...da da da dant!! I have so enjoyed our sisterhood, good times, fun and most of all laughter...Dee can account for that, she has to leave the room when we call each other because all we do is laugh...sorry Dee, we can't help it. :)
    Love to all the Village,you have been a hoot!!
    Love, Rhonda

  7. Hey, hey hey - we are just getting started!!!!
    Skin flutes :o)very funny