Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Houston-Day 2

Here are the haps of day 2 at MD Anderson...we had to get up at 6:00 am for a CT Scan. We stayed up until midnight talking and then of course poor B had a hard time sleeping...even with Ambien. It's hard for her to turn her head off. Just imagine all the things that are rumbling around...I think you all can appreciate how anxious this whole process is. For those of you who have been through the cancer terrors...you know EXACTLY what this looks and feels like. 

So I dropped B off for the scan and I did a quick Starbucks run for Amanda and I. And this should surprise you? The scan was over in record time and we went back to the hotel and crashed for about an hour until we all got hungry and went searching for a good breakfast. Good 'ole Sal led us to one of our favorite restaurants...Le Peep. Nourishment is a great thing.

So we changed clothes and went to the afternoon appointments...a surgeon and the radiological oncologist. Poor Brenda has had her nose scoped, probed, numbed, touched way too many times. Here's other pieces of the puzzle. The pathology looks like an intermediate grade neuroendocrine carcinoma which makes this a rare and unique thing to treat. Everyone is going to weigh in at a big conference about Brenda's situation on Thursday afternoon. This means that, although we might have SOME idea of the path, I don't think we'll have the complete picture until these specialists meet...more waiting. But we don't want rash judgements without a lot of thought and data. The place is definitely where we need to be. Amanda has been an absolute life saver. 

I guess the bottom line is that we know a little more, but the path is still muddy. It looks like it might be chemo first, then radiation depending on the response to the drugs, and possible surgery depending....it's just depending. This will be a long process. Remember that this is just preliminary. I think we'll probably do the radiation and any surgery here...it's just where we need to be. Chemo can be monitored from home with connections here.

So there you have it for now...off to dinner and we'll write more later. We feel your love...please keep it coming and don't be shy about writing comments on the blog...we love to hear from you.

Toodles for now...
Nurse Dee

Tomorrow is a down day and so we're going out and find some sort of distraction...maybe the ocean...we're not that far. Tonight we're going out with Koko...part of the Tahiti pod. It'll be great to see her and have some laughs and remember the fun we hall had in Tahiti.

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  1. Ocean??? If you find one in Houston, that will certainly be a distraction ;)My GPS indicates the ocean IS quite far.
    I have an idea for your mental journey back to Tahiti. You will all have to use your imaginations, but I am sure that will not be a problem. So here goes....
    find a Starbucks (just keeping with a recurrent theme);
    purchase you Frappacino's (of course they will be prepared perfectly. Oh, and get the whipped cream - after all it is a vacation journey;)
    Find a nice sunny area and close your eyes whilst sipping your Frappacino's.
    Feel the sun on your face (make sure you have sunscreen on)
    Relax and Listen - can you hear the waves breaking over the reef in the distance?
    Can you smell the vanilla in the air?
    Can you see the various water colors? Blue teal, deep blue, light blue and crystal clear. The fish jumping out of the water? The rays skirting the floor of the lagoon. That huge moray eel by the rocks? Wanker man? (oops, nevermind he was a different trip)
    Okay, it is getting a bit dangerous now so open your eyes, but be careful when you do - it will be a jolt when you realize you are not in Tahiti. But take solace - you are in a good place even if there is no real ocean there.
    Stay well and keep taking the positive vibes we are all sending.