Thursday, April 23, 2009

Michele's Due "Dew...Do...Rag"

Like clockwork...Michele...always good to her word...has come up with her Day 4 entry. She's really loving this blonde wig. Check this out will ya!

Here's what she had to say about her entry:

Oh boy,  the "Tropical Breezes" entry has me a bit nervous.  If I weren't having so much fun with this blonde wig, I might have had to re-think my entries.  But alas, I am still a blonde AND I know Brenda was looking for a 'do-rag' motif - so here it is!!!  Tomorrow will be my last entry - my competitive juices are flowing - perhaps I'll have to hire a model that serves as a better blonde to feature my final entry.  You will all just have to wait and see.

I'm hoping that the rest of the village isn't so worried about the competition thus far that they are quietly backing out. Oh! Please say it isn't so! This is just too good and way too much fun. Does anyone have any ideas what we can all do after this contest? This is just way too much fun.

Comments anyone about our glamorous Michele, our belle??

Nurse Dee



  1. Oh Brendita.... Me thinks this entry should be given serious thought as it could serve a dual purpose in these tight economy times. When you are out walking Abby and Tanner, you would no longer have to buy plastic baggies for when nature calls. Instead, you could just whip that puppy off your head, flip it upside down, and wa la!. It goes from due dew rag to do do bag!

    Love ya sweetie!!!
    Tonya Jill

  2. Oh Michele,

    You continue to out "Dew" yourself!!! I'm so very impressed. I have to say that I never imagined you'd be so hot in a stringy blonde sexy thing!! I'm amazed at the incredible variation and flexibility. From Helga to Hipsta in just two minutes or less. No versions including Mcguyver? We all know who's wiring this thing together with the paper clips and chewing gum.

    Don't slip on those "Competetive juices" and Hang on to your wig sista....we got a few ideas for our Chemo Sabe.

    Love you all,

  3. LOL. McGuyver will make an appearance - not too worry!!!