Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beer Tooting Pimp

Karen had another burst of genius and here are her next submissions. She can explain her creations much better than I certainly can...
HI all,
I was going to submit the Beer Hat as my final entry, but when I went to retrieve it, it was half full and Michele was smiling!
My final entry is more a true reflection of my personality - Tropical Pimp.   Most know that I am a nurse, rather handy when it comes to fixing things and I tend to pack pretty much anything anyone on earth could possibly need on vacation.  However, my true passions are tropical regions and pimping.
Let me explain:
I love the beach, the sun, sand and all the sights and sounds only present at the beach.  There is nothing better than body surfing the waves and people watching.  Snorkeling is fun, but I have a 5 minute tolerance before I get sea sick - go figure.  I also enjoy viewing the scenery of the various tropical paradises I have been fortunate enough to visit.  In summary, I love everything about being in and near the water.
Now I am sure I piqued your interest with the pimping part of my head dress but please do not get ahead of me.  I do not mean that I am in the business of selling sex through the effort of others.  Rather when I use the term "pimping", I am using the more modern definition because I am one hip chick.  My definition of pimping means to dress up to an exaggerated degree.  
So let me bring this home for you all.  My head dress and lei bring together my passion, the beach, and my desire to offer our Chemo sabie a fancy head dress for when her and Dee want to get gussied up and head out for an ACIDIC based meal.


  1. OMG Mac Gyver...a Pimp now? You certainly are versatile. I can't say that I ever arrested a pimp with duct tape and a safety pin in his possession as we might find with you. I have seen the alcohol but if he wore a hat like this all cops could readily spot them. You are a hip chick but I just can't get my mind around the new language of pimping as a hip chick. Is there some unconscious desires coming out in our zany nurse..Please tell all. We can be trusted...:-)

    love, chemo sabe

  2. If Karen is a pimp is Michele one of her "girls"?