Saturday, April 25, 2009

BB Submission #2

VP's let me introduce Dr. Amanda...our "GA." Please do not get made at doctors for being human and send this to the hospital that Amanda works for. She has definitely been our guardian angel through this whole process. 

Here's what she has to say about their lovely...ho, ho, ho...second entry entitled "You Light Up My Wife."

For our second Entry:

We have titled this "You Light up my Wife."  Can you hear the theme song playing, Debbie Boone fans?  A sister of Daniel Boone, you might suspect, given the Beaver head dress? But, relation.  This doubles as a fantastic Christmas tree topper.  Screw the Angel!!  This way, apply one well lit beaver....and well the other plug in options are up to you.....  Gotta keep the wife happy, no? I'm just going to let these 2 entries sit for a while. I'm going out to have mexican food at Nando's (sorry sweetie...) with Julie, Lynn and Kim. I'm starving...the last 2 when I return, I promise.

Nurse Dee


  1. The lyrics should be, "You light up my give me hope to carry on etc etc etc......

  2. Christmas vacation gone wrong!!!