Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brenda's Update

Hello All,

I have to say that this blog is addicting and lots of fun. I gets so many people that tell me that they are laughing out loud at how funny you all can be. I, personally, have increased my counts by laughing so hard with all of you. 

Here's the latest on what's going on with the road to my cure. I am receiving a high amount of chemotherapy and therefore have side effects. Some include infections and high pitch hearing loss. I have never talked about my bowel movements so often and my food intake. I have a very good N.P that stays on top of every symptom no matter how small it is. 

The schedule got messed up for me to get my port put in. The infusion unit had a difficult time finding a deep vein in my arm and this chemo really blows out the veins. If they can't find a vein then they will use my hands and do an I.V every day of chemo instead of using 1 I.V. for 3 days. So, tomorrow morning I am getting a pic line put in so that I don't have to bring in the expert I.V team to find a stinkin' vein. I will have my blood drawn and see my oncologist on Monday to insure that I am ready to go for another round next Thursday. I have had a few good days and I am taking advantage of those days while I can and appreciating the rebound of my immune system and energy. 

Dee came back last night after driving herself to exhaustion for 2 days. It's good to see her and I certainly appreciate Nurse Becky helping us out on a short notice. She is an absolute love. I am finding that Dee is a union nurse and is expecting to go home 2 more times during my stay in Houston. She has already summoned Nurse Vic and Nurse Toni to help me out. Imagine that? Karen, I think that you need her union to negotiate the contract for you at your hospital!! Three weeks on and 1 week off. That's a schedule that would allow you to keep up with your travel demands!

Dee is my hero because she has a tough job. I am thankful that this village is so loving and supportive of my road to recovery and helping us to get through this. It is not easy watching someone go through this and then figure out what the hell to feed them. We had the most interesting dinner tonight. Put it this way, variety is a spice of life. :-) 

I am proud to call this my healing village and I am proud to call you my friends. I know that this is going to get tougher and I know that I will continue to take it a day at a time. Just know that you all have been incredibly uplifting in my road to a cure and that is priceless!!

Thanks for helping me stay connected and not so homesick. The cards, well wishes, e-mails and OMG the photos have been an amazing bright spot in my life. Today I am one day closer to a cure and that's how I take every day. 

Thank you all for your love and support. It does not go unnoticed!!!

love, Chemo-Sabe


  1. Love you my chemo-Sabe sista!!! oxoxoxo

  2. Chemo sabe
    We are with you every step of every day. It is quite a large parade.
    If we provide with with only a portion of the laughs you have shared with us, you will be laughing your butt off every day.
    Tell Dee to open her email as another entry awaits!!
    Love ya
    Michele and Karen

  3. Beloved Brenda
    I started tearing up just reading your update and comments to all of us... yes Dee is amazing and definitely needs what ever time off/down time she can get so she can keep on going the distance. Just know that we love you and pray for you each and every day and will continue to find new and creative ways to make you both laugh for as long as you need it... hope to see you soon stronger and healthier than ever...
    Blessings & Love
    Cathie & Evelyn
    p.s. we are in San Diego this week-end maybe we can Skype Monday night...