Friday, April 24, 2009

"The Karen Mullet"

Michele's final entry reminds me of take a look. VP's let me introduce you to Karen, Michele's partner. I'm thinking truck driver of some honking 18 wheeler along I-40. Do you see that as well? Actually Karen's nickname is Macgyver. This is the woman that could rebuild just about anything with a paper clip and dental floss...OH! and maybe some duct tape. Actually Karen is a very competent ICU nurse who works with cardio patients. She is an absolute hoot and I can still see her doing a Tahitian war dance on the balcony of our over-the-water-bungalow on Bora Bora. PRICELESS! She and Michele are quite the pair and we've enjoyed traveling with these wonderful folks for about 10 years. Talk about bright, quick witted, and creative...this is the pair.

This is what Michele has to say about her final entry:
Okay VP's, this is it, my final head dress entry.  I decided to go with my first thought - 'mullet with bangs'.    I had to deploy the services of a model because those that know me would not be surprised if I had a blonde wig, beer and baseball cap.  Or, as Karen keeps saying every time she looks at me shaking her head - nothing surprises her anymore.  I think I have finally wore her down.
Okay, back to the head dress.  My model, Karen, came equipped with the t-shirt and pocket.  I am not sure she realized that shortly they would be sporting pens and a tissue.  
Now I know the 'tropical breezes' entry was multi dimensional so I do want to point out a few things about this head dress.  First and foremost it is my Paddy's Pub and Brewery cap, notice the shamrock - all should bow.  Another feature is the cap has a bottle opener built into the brim - how cool is that?.  Those Irish think of everything!!  And, like a 2 am infomercial, that's not all, - again channeling Brenda's heritage - the model is Dutch.
My fellow competitors - I think the bar has been raised.  Oh, and the beer was good as well :)
I'm still thinking truck driver!!!
Nurse Dee


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEE FROM Mcguyver!!!!! aka
    the "truck driver", AKA The Nurse, but always Karen
    That is definetly the last time I say yes when Michele asks if I want to play dress up!!!! I am beginning to think there is something drastically wrong with her or "sick and wrong" as one of our favorite comics says about people and things taht are just a few steps off center.
    It was good talking with you both today. Brenda sounds real good and she seems to be eating a little better Perhaps it's the change in Chef's - huuummmm. Becky - when your tour of duty in Texas is complete we have a room for you here in NJ.
    Dee, your birthday card was sent to the Texas address so it will be there when you get back. By now Brenda has opened the care package and discovered the Bald Guyz scalp wipes - LOL. Michele (who else) found these in a drug store and they are actually marketed to Bald Guys to keep their scalp clean?? Who knew that men's scalps required special wipes? It was certaintly news to us and even drew a look of concern from the check out gal. We do not get it, but they did make a sale!!
    Hope you enjoyed your day. You guys sound like you are doing well dispite the geography. If you need anything at all, we are all here for you both.

  2. That picture scares me. I see bad dreams in my future.

    Karen, Did you just realize that Michele is "a few steps off center?" The medical term for that (and I'm surprised you don't know this....being a nurse and all, is: "Wackadoodle"! Actually, playing dress up sounds like it could be fun (are there any stories)? I must say that Mcguyver was the inspiration for my head dress (which I still think should be the winner because I actually wore those fins in public ! )

  3. PS I am also Dutch and Irish (although I was not the Dutch girl at the bar in Turks (and I may never forgive you for not pointing her out to me). Michelob Ultra is not real beer (wimp beer). Heineken is a fine Dutch beer but if you really want the perfect beer buzz you need to go with Becks ! A fine German beer that will give you just a little Becks Buzz after one bottle.

  4. We've been following the site and just can't let another day go by without throwing in our 2 cents - and a hat entry. We met Brenda and Dee just a few weeks ago in Tahiti on an Olivia trip, but have known them for months through Karen and Michelle's stories. Amanda, you know that there is only one true Viking in the group...