Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

OMG!!! I can hear the gasp of air and the big laugh from Michele right now. VP's...those of you that know seems that our little business executive has been hiding a secret from us all these years. Michele...How could you? You look so lovely in this...well...OUTFIT!! I knew you were talented, but I really didn't suspect you had this flair for the glamorous and dramatic. For those of you who have no idea what all this means...please let me explain. 

In 2006 Michele and Karen showed us their 2005 Tahiti cruise pictures on the Paul Gauguin (Regent Seven Seas ship) and Brenda an I knew we had to go. The 4 of us went in 2007...what a fantastic place and what a fantastic time we had through the Olivia Tour company. You might hear us talk about them because through this fantastic women's tour company, we have all met and stayed close even though we live at opposite ends of the country. Anyway...we loved Tahiti soooooo much that we all went back in March 2009. The ship employs a group of beautiful Polynesian women who are performers and are called "The Gaugines." They sing, dance, show you the 72 ways to wear a pareo (Tahitian body wrap,) play guitar and ukulele, do crafts, and generally entertain the guests on board. are so very sly. Little did we know. Bonnie and Jackie sent me this "secret" photo this morning and I just had to share it with the rest of the village. It's just too priceless and captures your true essence. Here's What Bonnie and Jackie had to say:

Are you aware that while on the Tahiti trip, Michele tried out for the Gaugine group and was seriously considered for the Continental Tour? To my knowledge, this photo is coveted by the blonde bombshell society in which Michele is a card carrying member. 

Michele...I wonder what other secrets you might be holding close to your....well....feathers!!

Enjoy VP's...

Nurse Dee


  1. All I can say is OMG!! Bonnie ad Jackie, you just pulled an ACE from your sleeve! Now how do we get this picture posted on Michele's Facebook profile?
    A secret life indeed....and where has she been hiding that body all of these years???

  2. OMG is right - Bonnie and Jackie, that was a dance I did just for you two. It was suppossed to be a special gift to you and now you have shared it with the world and we cannot stop laughing.
    I laughed out loud for a full 5 minutes before I could even talk. Karen thought I was crying and wanted to know if I was okay!!! Now she is on the floor.
    You two are so cool, calm and collected during the trips. You are well reserved while we are usually acting like two year olds with too much sugar. You tricked us!!!!!
    Koko - we fooled you. While you were in the disco waiting for the pole dancing to begin, I was apparently rehearsing and working hard to become a Gauguine (spell check pleeeasse.) I started the trip with the body of three of the Gauguine's, all rolled into one;. I think by the time I left I was the size of four Gauguines.
    Anyway back to the dance. This photo was part of a private dance we gave to the residents of Owners Suite 801 - Bonnie and Jackie. All of the passengers on the trip thought they were quiet and reserved, who knew that had a secret -they enjoy private dances in their room. Now don't go jumping to conclusions, remember we should not judge. Anyway, this was the finale and I think it was a bit dissappointing to Bonnie as she expected a lap dance as her ultimate ending. There is no way I could pull off a lap dance in that dress (it is a dress - right?.) Look at it - the feathers would blind someone. So for the sake of safety, I just ended the show.
    Dee and Brenda - you thought I was playing poker in the casino but I just couldn't share my secret. I guess it solves the "noises from down the hall mystery" as I do think Kiiiim and Wiindy caught a glimpse as I was sneaking back into my room one night in this get up. Noises were the next morning - coincidence - I think not.
    Now I will have to go to my photo archives and find some interesting Jackie and Bonnie. Jackie I am sensing Bonnie was the lead in this photo entry, but I am sure you had input, so hold on who knows what I can come up with - or create.
    I am still laughing out loud - wonderful!!!

  3. Michele...Thanks for the! You do have a way with embellishing the details and it IS amazing what lurks behind those quiet ones. We're glad that it's finally out regarding your personal hidden talent(s). I'm sure that Karen has been enjoying some special moments from your Gauguine repertoire. By the way, you did quite well with a sidesaddle lap dance :-)! All kidding aside, our healing energy continues to flow for Brenda and Nurse Dee! xoxo Bonnie and Jackie

  4. The truth and nothing but the truth - so help me goddess ;)