Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let the Head Dress Contest Begin!

Hi VP (Village People)...Michele, in true Michele fashion, has come up with a brilliant idea for Brenda's upcoming adventure in scalp air conditioning...or as Michele put it..."scalp protrusion!" We'd absolutely love if as many of you could participate as possible. So if you didn't read Michele's suggestions for "Brenda's Head Dress Contest" they are:

Brenda was looking for a surgical cap to provide some UV protection (or something like those motorcycle dew rags that I know you've all seen,) and.....

We'd love for you to decorate the cap a bit. After all it is all about the accessories. Michele's thought was to attach some blonde hair to the outside of the cap as she said it in a mullet and bangs! LORD! 

#1. Each contestant has to start with some form of head attire.

#2. The creativity comes in decorating the headress. The fun is if the decorations are as far removed from what Brenda would ever think of having on her head as possible. 

#3. Here's how we'll handle the photo end of this...just have someone take a picture of you wearing your exquisite head dress and send them to me at:

I'll download the pictures and post them to the blog. I can import the photo so everyone will be able to see it clearly.

#4. Brenda & I will ultimately choose the winner and Brenda will definitely wear the winning entry for a photo. 

#5. How about we set a deadline for entries say April 28th. That will give everyone some weekend time to really put some thought into their creation. I don't think the boss would want the VP's working on this project at work. 

How does this sound to everyone? I think it's really brilliant and we can't wait to see the entries...we hope as many of you as possible will play.

Thanks for thinking of all these great idea as we walk this know we thrive on humor and this will make this next transition easier for our girl.

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  1. Hi Brenda and Dee! We are so glad you are in the Great state of TEXAS! Best care in the world! Yes, I am biased. We are friends of Kim and Lynn and we meet you briefly in Turks. If you need anything while in Houston - please don't hesitate to call us (get number from Lynn and Kim) and you are welcome to stay with us (we are good people - only pagan worshiping on third saturday - not that bad). Seriously, we wish you the best and we would love to help you. Our house is about 20 min from MD Anderson and Cheryl works very close.
    Vera Gonzales and Cheryl Nowlin