Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rabid Sky Diving

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD...someone please land this *&%$#$% plane!!! You'll know exactly what I mean when I tell you all that happened today. I want you to remember the phrase "RABID SKY DIVING." Our dear friend Michele coined this perfect metaphor for the wild ride that Brenda and I have been on.

Here's the scoop...There we were trying to wake up and get ready for our adventure to the ocean (Galveston.) The phone rang and it was Mary, Dr. Hong's medical assistant, who proceeded to tell Brenda to stick around because Dr. Hong wanted her to start chemo TODAY!!!! WHAT? DID WE REALLY HEAR THAT RIGHT? She said she would call back as soon as she checked some details with Dr. Hong. They wanted to start her regiment of chemo immediately and they wanted to do everything HERE because of the type of tumor, how rare it was, and the need to closely monitor how she responds to all this. YIKES! That meant we couldn't go home for quite a while!!! 

So the airplane had already taken off again, reached the appropriate altitude, and some "jabonie" just pushed us both out of the perfectly good airplane again...we were in free fall! So Mary finally called back and said that they would start chemo tomorrow. Brenda has a dental appointment at 8:00 to ensure she doesn't have any teeth infections that could lead to other infections once this stuff starts, and then we see the big guy, Dr. Hong, at 9:00 where, I think, he'll outline more of the plan. He is personally overseeing this case and we just couldn't be happier. As you all know Brenda is "special."

We now had the afternoon to try and find a place to stay. I wanted to be moved into some place so that Brenda could come home to a clean, safe, quiet, nice environment and we could try to begin our new temporary life in Houston before she started feeling really crappy. We were still free falling but I think we found the ripcord so we wouldn't plow into the ground. I got on the phone and, through the MD Anderson website, found several apartment that rent on a month to month basis, were close to the medical facility, and weren't dumps. 

The second one was a place called Camden Vanderbilt. It was really nice, had 3 swimming pools, 2 little lakes, a great fitness facility, was on the first floor, was FULLY furnished, was close to the parking lot, and was right next door to a grocery store, a Barnes & Noble book store, a couple restaurants, and...not one...but 2 Starbucks!!!! Houston we have safely landed!! There is a God! YES! We took the apartment. The amazing thing was that they only had one one bedroom apartment coming up to be rented and it was available TOMORROW! Heavenly intervention once again! I'll send you all the address and phone number as soon as we get settled. That was amazing. On top of this, the place would take dogs, although I won't do anything that would jeopardize Ms. B's health, so I'm not sure about bringing one of the kids. 

So tomorrow is quite a significant day. Please keep us in your prayers...not that you have stopped, but it's a really scary day and we could use a power surge from the village. Please hope that this stupid airplane that we're on doesn't take off again and decide to dump us out on another wild ride. 

Tomorrow we also send our guardian angel off the Mass. Amanda has been nothing short of a gift from heaven. Words will never be able to express our deep appreciation for what she has done to help us. She is comforting, extremely knowledgeable about this mysterious process, funny, lovable, witty, generous beyond belief...well you get the picture. She has certainly filled up her karma bank to overflowing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts dear Amanda. I'm just going to refer to her as "GA" (Guardian Angel) from now on.

Thanks to KoKo for meeting us for dinner the last 2 nights and letting us rant and rave about all this. She's such a sweetie and again, the power of the Tahiti Pod is apparent. The pod folks will know exactly what this means.

The plan...I really hate to use that term because it always to get Brenda through the next 3 days of chemo and then Toni will fly out here for several days while I fly back home, get more of our stuff for an extended stay, and drive one of our vehicles back here. Toni will then fly home. Toni your the best for helping us with this...kisses all over your face. I just don't want B to be alone.

We super appreciative Dr. Robin for helping us navigate these dark waters without tipping over and drowning. The power of the village is again apparent.

I've got to go pack up our belongings and try and get to sleep. Brenda and I send you all our love and appreciation for the help I know you all want to extend. We feel it and we'll definitely need your help through this battle. Thanks for making it easy to ask.

Hugs to you all...
Nurse Dee


  1. Oh - my - God! And I mean that literally, prayer is truly a good thing, and God knows Brenda will be a pit bull about this :-) It sounds like you are obviously in the right place. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow and all the way through. Love ya, Kim and Pat

  2. Amanda travel home safely and thank you for taking care of our girl. Between Vic and Amanda, who said docs don't make house calls - or in this case house and hotel calls:)
    Dee and Brenda we are here for you and mustering all of our postive vibes and sending them your way. This will be a rough ride but fear not as Ms McGuyver (AKA Karen) has informed me she has quite a few ripcords or can fashion a few with duct tape, paper clips and dental floss. If you vision something a bit more stable, you can count on the "Village People" (I'll only use that descriptive phrase once)to soften any blow that comes along.
    Get some rest and look forward to a new day!

  3. Dear Brenda and Dee...Michele directed us to this web blog for information on your 'sky diving' activities since Tahiti. As I read over each detail, the blessings of friendship were so obvious. Please add us to your roster of Tahiti friends, as we will continue to send our positive energy and best wishes that the wonderful karma you have already established will bring you safely home and in even better health. Unimaginable strength will surface as you face the upcoming weeks. Lean on your support group and we will help you find the sunshine that is under every cloud. Love, Bonnie and Jackie

  4. Okay for sure those Angels both on earth and above are working double trilple time to take care of both of you! Don't forget if you need help/relief in AZ or Houston I can make it happen for both of you!
    All my Love & Blessings

  5. Ok, I finally figured out this blog thing. Dee Dee Bird, I'll bet you never guessed your computer challenged friend could do it, but lookie here....! Now, I just hope when I click on "post a comment" that that means what I think it does! :-)
    My thoughts are with you on your own version of "D" day ladies.... Day 1 of chemo and the day this damn disease is going to start being wiped out completely!
    Brenda, tell the docs to give you lots of nausea meds, because between Dee's Grape Nuts dinners and my fancy cooking, you are in for some serious pampering. And Dee Dee, don't you worry a bit about your girl, because when I get there, I will continue the fancy tradition. I have begun planning a menu... Tuesday night I'll fix peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Wednesday I'll make Top Ramen, and Thursday I'll splurge and make something Italian like hamburger and noodles from Banquet!
    Wish I could be there for you both today (and every day), but know that you are near (and very dear) to all of our hearts in your village.
    Your journey reminds me of something Betty Davis once said while she was making a western movie. They were beginning to film a portion of the movie where she and others were riding across the plains in a stagecoach. She turned to the others and changed the script a bit. She said, (and I quote!) "Hang on to your tits girls. You're in for a rough ride." Each time YOU have gone on a stagecoach ride together in life, you have weathered the ride and emerged stronger. This is another one of those rides, and yes, you need a very good sports bra for this one. Your village is the best sports bra on the market and we are there for support waiting for you both at the station each time your stagecoach arrives...

    Much love, hugs, and kisses all over your face!!


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