Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dr. Beaver Inspector

I got a warning call this afternoon from Vicky saying that she had finished another head dress submission and about to send the picture based on the recent theme developed by Amanda and Cate. OMG!!! I fell of the chair in my office and called her in hysterics. Believe me...we've heard some of her "office" stories...she has seen a lot of...well you know. Now don't names were involved!! This cracks me up. Can you imagine what you'd think and say if you were in the doctors office for your yearly dreaded physical and your doc walked in looking like this!!! Scream? Run out dragging all those paper products with you? Laugh till you peed or hurt yourself?

Here's what Doc Vic had to say about her new office attire: 

All this talk of beavers got me thinking......
I am offering my professional services as a beaver inspector.  Bald beavers, big beavers,
little beavers, hairy beavers....I've seen them all and am at your service!!

VP's, this contest has just been too much fun. Can't you hear Brenda's infectious laugh? I can't wait to hear your comments...bring em on!!

Nurse Dee


  1. This is Helene, nurse midwife, do I have experience......

  2. Wow. All I can say, Vicky, is--you win! I humbly bow at your gynecological feet!

  3. OMG Vic, That is just plain Hysterical. Looks too much like work.....ick! Loved the affixed speculum to the forehead....just how did you get that to stick? I'm trying to remember from medical school....which part of residency training best prepares you for beaver inspection! Ah yes.... it was "Lesbo-Doc Turbo training 101," my favorite class!! It does look like a lot of that surgilube has been used already....any stories to tell? Thank you for the many many giggles. No need for ab-training today. Hugs!

  4. Sick and wrong!!!! This is hysterical.
    What's even funnier is the thought that you most likely had to go to your office on a Saturday, get all decked out in your outfit, take the photos, diswcard the trash and than get the picture to Dee. Cal I am sure you had a hand in this (no pun intended)
    One question - is htat really where the speculum goes??

  5. OMG-That is absolutely hysterical...Becky and I screamed like girls when we saw this. Dee told me to go see the blog because Dr. Vic is at it again. When I went into her office one day for a tour I started sweating when she pulled out a speculum that could only be for Mama Cass...yep, it would have touched my teeth had she used that on me. I will never be able to have an gyn appt. again because I will have this image and blog in mind, will laugh, and then shoot the speculum at the doctor. :-)

    your chemo sabe

  6. In response to Michele, most of the things used in this photo I already had at home (fair warning if anyone comes for a visit). In response to Brenda, you are probably still sweating. In response to Amanda, it's attached with duct tape and dental floss (McGyver would be proud!) This is way too much fun!

  7. Vicky - WHY do you have most of these - let's say 'props' - already in your house/ Inquiring minds would like to kow :)

  8. Michele- After living with Karen all those years and seeing what she brings with her on trips, I can't believe you're asking that question.