Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Homeward Bound

Hi VP's...I bet you thought another miracle happened and we were going home. Well...not exactly. Now don't get me wrong...miracles are happening everyday, but Brenda can't go home quite yet. Becky finally found someone to take her shifts and it's only going to cost a Sushi dinner...or 2! Then pilot girl...Julie, Becky's partner, let me use one of her buddy passes so it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get home. Thank you to 2 wonderful folks...your karma banks are filling.

Julie gets here around 2:30 PM and I take the noon flight and get in to Phoenix at 12:47 PM...I really wish it was that fast...love those time changes.

We did our usual routine today and discovered a new eating trick. I think we'll have to publish a book of tips and secrets when Brenda is cured. We went over to a really great place next door to the apartment called Yapa Take Out Kitchen. The secret ingredient for today is: BBQ Chicken Breast with extra BBQ Sauce. The chicken breast was huge and I waited patiently to see how much I would get to eat. It's always a crap shoot. I either get the entire thing...or nothing!! Ha! Well I'll be...she actually ate the whole thing! FANTASTIC! We got an extra one for tomorrow. The protein really did the trick. She took a nice nap this afternoon and then woke up much more alert and with much more energy. PROTEIN seemed to do the trick. I really was surprised at the difference in her. Right now, the food thing seems to be the biggest problem. I'm so glad she doesn't have to try and go to work through this...it would just be way too much and would make her susceptible to a wide variety of germs...bad germs to a person with a reduced immune system.

It's a smaller...and calmer...post tonight. I'm trying to get ready to leave tomorrow. It's not like I'm packing anything...I'm putting everything I'm taking home in my briefcase...no stress! So I just got Michele's Day 2 photo of her head dress...I'll get that posted post haste! Michele you absolutely crack us up.

Now don't fret VP's I'll keep the blog going while I'm gone. Have a great night and sleep well.
Brenda's already sawing logs!!

Nurse Dee


  1. Dee,
    I think I speak for the entire Village when I say think you for going the extra mile to keep us updated. Travel safely. Oh, the lottery ticket - not one freakin' number - not one. We'll try again next time.

    I think I am sensing a pattern with your eating challenges. If I feel nauseated, Brenda likes it!!!! Perhaps our next contest should be recommending food choices for Brenda.
    Glad to hear you are getting through this chemo round relatively well. We are here for you and have a "We care" package heading your way.
    Love ya

  2. Oh good lord please send me spell check. I meant THANK YOU not THINK YOU!!!!

  3. Dearest Dee have a safe trip home & call if you need some help... and bless those two angels Becky & Julie! Everytime I think I have an idea for a headress someone posts something that makes me think I have to get way more creative...
    Love & Blessings to all
    Cathie & Evelyn