Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tropical Breezes

Hi everyone...yes! We have another entry. Let me introduce you to Cathie. She and her partner Evelyn are our buddies from Payson, AZ. Brenda and I have a cabin in Strawberry, which is about 12 miles north of Payson, and we met these two wonderful women when they owned a great little bookstore in Pine...about 3 miles from the cabin. We became fast friends and spend every Thanksgiving together at our annual feast. It's great fun. Hummmmmmm...I wonder if we'll have to serve pickles before the turkey this year???

So this is her creation which I have titled "Tropical Breezes." The theme and accessories are perfect for our next Tahitian or Caribbean voyage. We love those areas of the world...especially Tahiti. Here's what Cathie has to say about her creation:

I decided we needed to go with a tropical beach motif... and it is multi functional... with a detachable grass skirt & flower bikini top along with a reusable tropical drink coconut & it still has a usable cap for Brenda's next vacation ... Pia (our cat) says she wants first dibs on it if it does not win first prize... and she has already tried to chew on the grass skirt and steal the straw!

OK folks...the challenge continues and the deadline approaches. Don't be wimps...Brenda is enjoying this contest way too much.

Nurse Dee


  1. Hey Cathie,
    A hat, an outfit and drink all in one - and it looks nice. That is quite creative!!! Like the "hair", I am green with envy

  2. Well you should be Michele because you have just met your "headress" match... HA!