Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PK's FEZ-o-sabe

Hi VP's...Let me introduce you to "PK." Now you might think that this little girl in the picture just looks a tad on the young side to be hanging with the rest of us, but the REAL PK is actually guarding her identity because she is an investigator for the public DEFENDERS office. The rest of you know that Brenda and I are COPS and side with the guys in the white hats...the prosecutors!!! Actually PK worked with me as a police officer with the Scottsdale Police Department, then left there and owned a business called the Popcorn Factory. Man! She made the best popcorn on the of the face of the earth. Brenda worked for her before she was hired by Tempe PD and I think PK actually got Brenda addicted to carmel and cheese popcorn. They got into all sorts of trouble...imagine that!! Ha! Kiiiiiiiiim...the "Naughty One" has quite a LONG history of trouble making!!! 

PK also joined the army and was transfered to Korea for a time. She then came back to the states and began working for the public defenders office in Phoenix. She never left the "dark side" and now works for the public defenders office in North Carolina. She says she's keeping the cops honest...I'm not buying it!! Ha!

Some of you might not know that I actually live with a fabulous spell checker. She's amazing. I'm a HORRIBLE speller...Brenda is fantastic. Because she's soooo good she LOVES to play Scrabble and she's darn good at it folks! She'll challenge anyone and will give them a run for their money...right Rhonda and Vic? So that's why you see the beautiful Scrabble motif on PK's fez creation. Here's what she has to say:

Hey Guys,
Those head coverings certainly set a high bar, but I didn't see any that would go with Pond Scum's (er, I mean Brenda's) dress garb, so I have attached a photo of my designer 'fez' (yes, Brenda knows what a fez is, LOL).  My model has a somewhat smaller head than Brenda, but I'm sure it will fit her nicely if she would like to model it herself, or add to it later. (-; PK

Glad so many of you had bursts of inspiration and have sent me your creations. We just don't want this contest to's just way too funny and such good medicine for ALL of us.

Keep em coming and we love to hear your comments.
Nurse Dee

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  1. oh my scrabble buddy you are so clever. You are the only person I know that would climb over the 25 foot curtain to get front row seats to an Anne Murray concert at the fairgrounds. I have had lots of scrabble practice so I double dog dare you to come out for a little competition. Ask Vic...she says that I cheat but I downloaded scrabble on a palm pilot and play regularly so I know the dictionary and all of those funky words that you used to come up with. Now if that doll talks it'll scare me!! chemo sabe