Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Them Cotton Bales are Gone!

Hi Village People...Do you know how you feel when you have a really bad cold for a long time and you absolutely can't breathe out of your nose. You remember...dry mouth, cracked lips, can't sleep...Well that's what Brenda's has been dealing with since Friday, but yesterday the bale of cotton that was wadded up her nose was finally removed. Although I thought the room was getting awfully warm (I really don't have the stomach for a lot of blood...yes I was a cop!...can you believe that?), she actually did really well. She felt so much better when that cotton bale was removed.

We also saw the chemo doc who was just fantastic and again explained how rare this type of tumor was especially in the location it decided to take up lodging. But then again, didn't we all know what a rare girl Brenda is? Someone please tell her, she doesn't have to constantly show us!!! We go back there for some blood work and then she needs an MRI of her neck for the next surgery. She's scheduled to have the bad nodes on one side of her neck removed on Tuesday the 14th at 7:30 am and then might have the other side done on the 17th. Please set your clocks for a universal infusion of prayers and positive energy that morning.  

The bummer news is that our patient has a little stomach virus on top of a touchy pain-killer belly and so she really feels nauseated and pretty puny right now. We got some new tummy meds but not much seems to calm this down. Popsicles are a great thing. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow.

Thanks to you all for the cards and well wishes and offers of help. You'll never know how much that means to us. Our friends have really been fabulous...all of you get hugs and kisses all over your faces! We love you all and are so appreciative.

More later...
Nurse Dee


  1. Good job sista...Glad you got the cotton bale out and hopefully wont need it at the other end now! Hope your feeling better this evening. Will keep the Idaho prayers and good mojo going to get you through these next 2 surgeries. Hang in there girl!!
    Love you lots,

  2. As Rosanna Rosanadana used to say "if its not one thing its 'nother!"... keep up the good work... lots of love & prayers to you & we have sent a whole legion of healing angels to take care of both of you!

    Mucho Blessings & Love
    Cathie & Evelyn

  3. You sounded so much better on the phone last night. Hope your stomach is feeling better. Maybe the rest of the bloggers can explain to you that a bean burrito is not part of a bland diet. You are both in my prayers daily.

    Love, Vic

  4. Glad to hear the cotton is out! Popsicles are a good thing. as is the sense of humor!
    Will be thinking of you on the 14th and 17th from somewhere in Germany, France or wherever the heck I am! I am about 8-9 hours ahead of you I think.

    Love, Jill

  5. Hey Brenda, just trying to see if I can post from this e-mail address. Love ya and hope you are doing okay, talk to you soon, Kim