Sunday, April 19, 2009

The First Head Dress Entry Has Arrived!!

VP's... Let me introduce our very FIRST head dress contestant and her creation. If you've kept up with the blog, you've heard folks talk about Cal and Vic and their first snorkel experience in Eleuthra...well this is Vicky modeling her sensational "Caribbean Snorkel Cap" in bold neon yellow and lime accessorized with lovely duct tape. Absolutely sensational...we howled when we saw this Vic. 

So come on folks...let this stimulate your creative juices.

You can see how big these fins still makes me laugh out loud to see Cal and Vic trying to walk FORWARD into the ocean with these HUGE fins on. For those of you that aren't walk BACKWARD into the water so the fins don't catch on the sand. 

This just makes us laugh!!!


  1. OMG... out of the corner of my eye I thought it was some Pittsburgh Steelers foam hat. How are we supposed to follow that Vic? You've set the bar petty high. Let me sleep on this... I'll see what I can draw on for inspiration.

  2. Laughter is the best medicine. I thought the duct tape was a nice touch!

  3. Sand is still falling out of the fins 10 years later...and she says she's not a pack rat!

  4. Love your commentary and creative ways to keep the laughter happening! Truthfully, the image that we have of Brenda in Tahiti howling so often with her infectious laugh keeps a fond smile on our faces. You are both amazing!
    We saw Doubt the other day, also, and left with the same doubt.
    Bonnie and Jackie

  5. Hilarious Vic and Cal!!! I am now working on my entry.

  6. Just want to clarify that the yellow fins are the ones with sand on them and those belong to Callie. OCD girl's fin are pristine.

  7. Wow, have certainly set the bar pretty high for us out here...I may need to re-think my plan. The duct tape certainly IS a good touch.