Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beaver Finale

TA DA...Here it is folks...The one and only HELGA!!! GA...what opera are you going to sing for us this evening. I know that you're being demure...toying with that red braid of yours. You look so very innocent. If only folks knew you could bench 400 lbs. I'm still imagining what the CEO of your hospital would say if he saw this fabulous and quite descriptive photo. You crack us up GA.

Here's the accompanying caption:

For our fourth and final Entry:  (Catie's Favorite)

With a nod to Brenda's Dutch Heritage...we call this one the Helga "the-Beaver" VanAmburg. Amanda's really not sure what to say about this one.  Except that if it shows up in the public domain, well, she will certainly have to forget about running for any public office.  So much for running a hospital too. 

I SKYPED Brenda and Becky tonight and Brenda said that she doesn't want the head dress contest to end because she's laughing way too much at all of them and just loves seeing what you all come up with. Really...this has been an absolute riot. We really have had such good laughs over all the submissions. Please say that we're not nearing the end...we'll be in Houston for 4 months...what else can we do...This is just too much fun!

Amanda (GA) and Cate (Mrs. GA) your entries have just left me speechless. 

Now let's hear what the VP's have to say about all these entries...

Nurse Dee


  1. It is official - this entire blog is crazy!!!! An entire series of 'bald beaver' hats, that's brilliant. I do hope you will wear these when you come to NYC. They are great and Amanda you are lovely as a redhead my meos sister(did I finally get this right?)
    You guys clearly outdid yourselves. It makes me wonder - what is going on at your house that led you to think of 'bald beavers'? Be honest as I am not buying that medical story you are trying to float.
    Dee and Brenda we know how much laughter helps and we are prepared to keep you entertained. In fact, Kiiiim, Wiindy, Karen and I went out today and put our collective minds to work thinking of new photo contests to keep you laughing. Based on the entries to date, I think all will continue on the "keep Brenda Smiling" path.
    Tomorrow is Karen's entry so stay tuned
    Rhonda - I'm getting nervous - where are you????

  2. Who knew that Dissociative Identity Disorder was so common !!! ???

  3. OMG is this the best medicine a girl could ever have!!! I am still laughing about the pictures of Karen and Michelle and now Amanda and Cate. Good god is this the funniest thing ever. You all have lost your minds with me and make me laugh like we are on another Olivia vacation together. The village is strong and doing wonders. Chemo is a secondary treatment to this laughter. The neighbors are starting to wonder about me already and probably think that have laughing turrets. I love this blog and will cherish all of your efforts toward my cure!!!

    Chemo Sabe- the not yet bald beaver!!!

  4. All these creative head dress photos have truly inspired me. Since my entry was the first, and the creative juices were just getting ramped up, I've decided to submit another entry. Since Dee will be on the road Monday and Tuesday, and I'm not sure I can get her a photo by tonight, you'll just have to wait. I promise it will be worth waiting for.

  5. Amanda - everytime I see this, I scroll thru the series. I am laughing at Helga and Cate's bald what submission - hysterical!!!

  6. Michele,

    This blog is just really good stuff. How lucky are we to have such amazing friends. So glad you liked it....we're trying to figure out a good prop for the "eager beaver" any suggestions?

  7. Perhaps a photo or two will result from our upcoming trip to Columbus Isle. I 'll keep my camera ready