Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aussies are Welcome in America!

I just can't beat Michele when it comes to narrative, so I'm just going to turn the stage over to her for our next submission. Take it away Michele:

HI all. Michele here.  I am speaking on behalf of our friends Kiiiim and Wiindy.  For those of you that have not met these lovely ladies, let me give you some background..  Brenda initiated the conversation with the gals when we went on the Barbados trip.  Both are from Australia and have come to America via various stops in the Asia-PAC region of the world.  We are lucky enough to live close by and get to spend some time together.
You may ask why I am writing and not either one of them.  That is a fair question and one that I am more than prepared to answer.  We all know that language varies around the world.  What you may not be aware of is that the English language also seems to vary as well.  I have no idea who eliminated the letter "z" from their alphabet, but it is gone and inappropriately replaced by an "s".  (organise versus organize).  My spell checker is going bonkers.  So I am writing to be sure our Aussie friends were clearly understood by all the VP's.  Oh, and silly Kiiiim said she "trusted me to do the post for her" - zilly, zilly girl.
There entry is titled "lovely surf life saver with chin strap".  Let me translate into the true form of English - American; that means 'Lovely Life Guard with chin strap'.  So you all get the beach cap but do notice the lovely flowers.  Kiiim worked her poor little Aussie fingers to the 'bloody bone' (translation - she worked real hard) fastening these to the cap.  The chin strap - Brenda perhaps you would want to provide the translation on that one, I blush whenever I think of it :)  I will offer that Wiindy was the only one that could work the chin strap - hmmmmmm.  I guess everyone has a speciality.
Finally, and I quote the lovely ladies from Oz "we had a warbler thinking about the different hats".  Now I know things get lost in translation so perhaps this should not be taken literally - "we had a tiny little bird of a time" - at least I hope not.  We have come to learn that what comes out of their mouths sounds different but is usually harmless.  However, in this case I do think it was a deliberate bastardization of our lovely English dialect.  
Beyond all the language baggage these gals travel with, we know that the heart sounds were clear.  Their message resonates around the world in every language - "we hope Brenda is over-dosing on the best medicine in the world - laughter"!! 


  1. OMG KEEEM, You are way too funny. I am anxiously awaiting the 1940's bathing suit to go with your beautiful Aussie swim cap. I think you all have that cap so NO ONE would miss you in the water! you didn't wear it in Tahiti because the fish would have bit you in the head. It's certainly a fashion statement if I ever saw one. Double dog dear you to wear it on our next trip!

    Thanks for being such a fun-loving couple. Weeendy, we are planning on Australia in 2011 to celebrate my 50th, my cure, and your beautiful country. It is my goal. Dust off your tour guide hat and plan on the village crashing your country!!!

    love, chemo sabe

  2. Ahhhh Michele - now you know why you were entrusted with the posting always so eloquent in your descriptions.....thank you - I knew my trust was well placed and importantly you did the translation for the VPs :)

    Chemo Sabe friend, with all this laughter resonating from your apt is Dee Dee still calling you incorrigible and telling you to stop it ?????? !!!!!!!!!

    Ahhh....such a naughty one !!!!

    Know we are thinking of you and travelling with you every step of the way via this fabulous village - we are addicted - our neighbours gave us a strange look as we walked out of the apt yesterday - I'm sure they were wondering what we "were on" given all the laughter they must be hearing as we work through the many posts each day !!!!

    Dee, belated happy birthday and safe travels.

    much love and hugs :)

  3. OMG the really scary part of this is that I actually owned (my mother bought & made me wear so as not to get my hair wet) a bathing cap exactly like that when I was a little girl.... and yes it did have floppy flowers all over it

  4. Keeem (we all seem to need spell checker for this one) and Windy,
    I am not done with your entries - but did want to give Dee a bit of a breather after her absence and long drive. The excursion thru NYC provided many fun times that we will want to share with our Chemo sabie - so hold onto your knickers or whatever it is you call "shorts" :)